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Data V Tech - Plantic Technologies Success Story

Plantic Technologies Ltd.

“We developed a great partnership with an amazing team at Data V Tech. A successful beginning with Vista 8 to Epicor Cloud migration, then followed with many custom solutions. We are now more efficient than ever with advanced MES and real-time production reporting. …”

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Data V Tech - Washtech Success Story


“Vince, Phuong and their team are great to work with. They provided a sounding board for ideas, and (once they understand our business and goals) are not afraid to suggest alternate solutions if they give a better result.”

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Data V Tech - Vinam Success Story


VINAM’s data searching time has declined by 80%. Epicor’s manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality has enhanced communication between its top and shop floors. The more accurate material requirements planning (MRP) engine has enabled more effective decision-making…

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Summit Polymers Data V Tech Solutions Epicor E10

Summit Polymers, Inc.

“Data V Tech was invaluable in helping us to achieve our goals. The team worked with us to develop detailed mapping tools to define the accounting setup for E10, establish rigorous testing plans to ensure a flawless launch, and implement the required steps in the production environment. …”

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Nextern-medical device

Nextern Vietnam

“The deployment of Epicor Cloud with Data V Tech team has been a significant step forward in our management approach. The system has allowed us to quickly implement and continuously update new features, maximizing the use of cloud technology… reduces time and costs… allows us to focus on product development and expanding our market.

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Essons_Oil seals 2


“We decided to make Data V Tech our sole implementer of Epicor ERP and Epicor MATTEC – MES. We believe that Data V Tech offers us a more complete, thorough, and professional solution. We believe that Data V Tech not only provides the best solution but also holds a strong understanding of the scope of the project …”

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More Epicor's Customer Success Stories

Epicor Customer Success Stories - A.Y. McDonald Industries

A.Y. McDonald Industries

A.Y. McDonald, a critical manufacturer of water works, plumbing, pumps, and natural gas products, underwent a successful digitalization with Epicor Kinetic and Advanced MES. Real-time insights boost productivity and enhance operational efficiency, ensuring essential availability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Location: Dubuque, IA

Specialist Industry: Fabricated Metals Manufacturing


Epicor Customer Success Stories - Specialty Screw Corporation

Specialty Screw Corporation

Specialty Screw Corporation upgraded from on-premises Epicor ERP to Epicor Kinetic on the cloud to stay up-to-date with features, compliance, and training. The move eliminated hardware refresh cycles, enhanced scalability, and freed up resources for front-end activities.

Location: Rockford, Illinois

Specialist Industry: Fabricated Metals Manufacturing


Epicor Customer Success Stories - Steel Blue

Steel Blue

Steel Blue, a Western Australian footwear company, has become a global leader in safety work boots, driven by their innovative Trisole Comfort Technology. Partnering with Epicor Kinetic, they achieved operational efficiency and improved customer service.

Location: Malaga, Western Australia

Specialist IndustryFootwear Manufacturing


Epicor Customer Success Stories - Enjet Aero

Enjet Aero

Enjet Aero, a precision component manufacturer for aircraft engines, successfully manages a complex supply chain and inventory through cloud-based Epicor Kinetic, enabling efficient operations, data sharing, and business growth.

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Specialist IndustryAerospace and Defense Manufacturing


Epicor Customer Success Stories - Hacel Lighting

Hacel Lighting

Hacel Lighting, a UK-based lighting manufacturer, shifted from on-premise to cloud-based Epicor Kinetic ERP. This streamlined their processes, reduced costs, and improved factory reporting and integration with Microsoft products.

Location: United Kingdom

Specialist Industry: Electronics and High-Tech Manufacturing

Epicor Customer Success Stories - Tuffaloy Products

Tuffaloy Products, Inc.

Tuffaloy Products, a fourth-generation family company, was digitalized with Epicor Kinetic, resulting in increased efficiency, on-time delivery, and improved supply chain visibility, positioning the company for a stronger future.

Location: Greer, South Carolina

Specialist Industry: Electronics and High-Tech Manufacturing

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