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Discover How Nextern Vietnam Thrives with Epicor Cloud, Empowered by Data V Tech

Nextern, a dynamic medical device company headquartered in the United States with a subsidiary in Vietnam, specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of cutting-edge products for the medical industry. Recognizing the importance of leveraging its core strengths and accelerating business activities, Nextern Vietnam sought a robust cloud-based solution to streamline operations and pave the way for global expansion. It also needed a consulting partner with industry-specific expertise to ensure a smooth and rapid deployment. Nextern Vietnam ultimately chose Epicor Cloud and partnered with Data V Tech.

Why Choose Epicor Cloud and Data V Tech?

Nextern Vietnam is committed to scaling globally while minimizing IT overhead, making Epicor Cloud the ideal choice. Their goal is to achieve seamless integration and reporting across multiple entities while reducing dependency on external IT resources. Working with Data V Tech, a valued Epicor Alliance Partner with solid experience in cross-border projects, Nextern Vietnam successfully implemented Epicor Cloud and achieved its goals.


Swift system deployment

Leveraging the parent company’s deployment framework, Nextern Vietnam successfully implemented the system in just three months. This rapid deployment allows for early identification of any potential issues or hurdles related to the ERP system, enabling the company to resolve them quickly, minimize operational disruptions, and accelerate return on investment.

Automatic system updates

Leveraging cloud technology, Nextern Vietnam seamlessly updates its system to meet evolving business needs. This facilitates smooth data flow and communication between different departments, subsidiaries, and partners, improving collaboration and decision-making processes. As a result, Nextern Vietnam optimizes processes, automates repetitive tasks, and increases overall productivity across departments and locations.

Real-time data consolidation

Epicor Kinetic facilitates effortless data consolidation and unified reporting across various companies, including Nextern Vietnam. By centralizing control of enterprise-wide data, it ensures adherence to regulations or industry-specific standards, empowering Nextern Vietnam to enhance decision-making with timely insights.

Cost minimization

Epicor Cloud gives Nextern Vietnam greater efficiency by eliminating the need for additional resources to oversee the ERP system or upgrades. This leads to increased margins and enhanced financial performance. The saved costs from reducing overhead expenses can be redirected towards strategic endeavors such as innovation, expansion into new markets, research and development, and fostering long-term sustainability and competitiveness.


Nextern Vietnam’s success story highlights the strategic adoption of Epicor Cloud, supported by Data V Tech, to optimize business processes, reduce costs, and facilitate global expansion in the competitive medical device industry.




the United States


Before pursuing a cloud solution for its subsidiary in Vietnam, Nextern faced several challenges. The Vietnamese company sought to leverage cloud infrastructure to improve global scalability and ensure seamless operations across multiple locations. Additionally, Nextern Vietnam aimed to streamline its IT workforce, optimizing resource allocation and reducing operational costs by minimizing the need for personnel outside of its headquarters. The company had to speed up deployment processes and improve reporting integration across its units, underscoring the importance of efficiency and cohesion in its operations.


Epicor Kinetic Cloud


  • Rapid system deployment in three months
  • Ongoing updates and optimization of system functionality
  • Real-time data consolidation and reporting
  • Minimization of overhead costs and guarantee of data security


“The deployment of Epicor Cloud with Data V Tech team has been a significant step forward in our management approach. The system has allowed us to quickly implement and continuously update new features, maximizing the use of cloud technology.

Having Data V Tech as our deployment and support partner not only reduces time and costs but also allows us to focus on product development and expanding our market.”

Ngoc Anh Vy, Financial Manager at Nextern Vietnam.

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