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Mapping Manufacturing Excellence: Essons’ Success with Epicor Kinetic and Data V Tech

Despite the dynamic landscape of manufacturing in 2022, Essons Global Industries Co., Ltd. (Essons) embarked on a journey to stability with the implementation of Epicor Kinetic, supported by Data V Tech. As 2023 unfolded, the company experienced remarkable growth and opportunity, demonstrating how Essons navigated change and redefined its processes and culture through the smart factory project.

Resilience Through Challenges

In the face of Covid-related hurdles, Essons remained steadfast in its commitment to Epicor Kinetic. Before the implementation, the general manager struggled with spending 100%-120% of her time resolving various plant issues. With the new system in place, she was able to delegate production management tasks, resulting in a restored work-life balance and sustained productivity. This transition marked a significant milestone as her specialist knowledge became transferable, enabling her to delegate effectively.

Operational and Strategic Transformation

The successful implementation of Epicor Kinetic in 2022, coupled with its stability in 2023, enabled Essons to recruit mid-level managers to oversee various aspects of the business. While other factories were downsizing their experienced workforce, Essons seized the opportunity to attract talent aligned with the Epicor Kinetic ethos. This strategic move gave Essons’ director full autonomy over her schedule, reducing her workload by an impressive 80%. She now attends weekly or fortnightly plant meetings and has more time to make strategic decisions and drive business growth initiatives.

Key Role of Data V Tech

Data V Tech Solutions Company Ltd, Essons’ consulting partner, played a key role in mapping the company’s manufacturing processes to Epicor Kinetic. Their systematic approach facilitated meticulous mapping, enabling the deputy director to run the business in the director’s absence competently and underlining the team’s confidence and competence in using the new system.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Real-time visibility of the factory floor catalyzed Essons’ operational efficiency. The integration of manufacturing and finance enabled the company to make quick, informed decisions. Month-end closing, previously a 10-15 day endeavor, was now completed in 3-5 days, while job costing, previously a 3-5 day process, was completed in a single day with no risk of data corruption or re-runs. Implementing MES workstations at each plant facilitated the real-time production labor and volume data collection, providing valuable insight into production KPIs and fostering continuous improvement.

Revolution of Quality Assurance Processes

Essons revolutionized its quality assurance (QA) processes by adopting a paperless approach and automated inspections. This transformation enabled the QA team to evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs), optimize resource allocation, and streamline workflow. In addition, Epicor Kinetic improved traceability, facilitating rapid problem resolution and continuous improvement. Automating QA task assignments and tracking team efficiency with Epicor Kinetic accelerated the audit process and supported ISO certification.

Transformational Journey with Epicor Kinetic

By implementing Epicor Kinetic, Essons has embarked on a transformational journey to meet its digitalization goals, increase productivity, streamline processes, and improve decision-making. With the combined support of Data V Tech and the robust capabilities of Epicor Kinetic, Essons is poised for continued success and growth in the manufacturing industry. In recognition of its achievements, Essons has been nominated for the 2024 Epicor Champion Award for Epicor Customer.

Essons thành công cùng Epicor Kinetic và Data V Tech



Dong Nai, Vietnam


 Prior to the implementation, the general manager was struggling with spending 100%-120% of her time resolving various plant issues.


Epicor Kinetic and Epicor Advanced MES


  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Evaluated key performance indicators (KPIs), optimize resource allocation, and streamline workflow.
  • Improved traceability, facilitating rapid problem resolution and continuous improvement.
  • Restored work-life balance and sustained productivity


“We decided to make Data V Tech our sole implementer of Epicor ERP and Epicor MATTEC – MES. We believe that Data V Tech offers us a more complete, thorough, and professional solution. We believe that Data V Tech not only provides the best solution but also holds a strong understanding of the scope of the project in addition to our manufacturing and business needs in both the short and long term.”

Kai Yi Yu, Deputy General Director at Essons Global Industrial Co., Ltd

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