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Summit Polymers' Epicor ERP Implementation with Data V Tech: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Summit Polymers, Inc. is one of the global leaders in supplying automotive interior systems. For over 50 years, they have delivered engineering and product excellence to our customers, on time, on budget, and with the latest innovations. They embrace precision and excellence to exceed customers’ expectations with every product they produce. Their goal is to be the most valued automotive interior supplier. Here is our interview with Mr. John Meyer, Vice President of Finance of Summit Polymers, Inc. – Technical Center, on their experience with Data V Tech and Epicor ERP:

In 2022, Summit Polymers launched a new manufacturing site in Vietnam. Our existing ERP system was not capable of supporting this location. After an evaluation period, we selected E10 as the ERP for this location. In June 2022, Summit struggled to implement this system entirely and was searching for a partner to help with the installation.

We aimed to fully implement the E10 system and eliminate the manual processes used to support our operations in Vietnam. The activities we hoped to automate within E10 included general ledger, accounts payable, inventory, and BOM management activities.

Data V Tech was invaluable in helping us to achieve our goals. The team worked with us to develop detailed mapping tools to define the accounting setup for E10, establish rigorous testing plans to ensure a flawless launch, and implement the required steps in the production environment. The team’s expertise was invaluable to our project and saved us significant time and money.

E10 has dramatically improved the quality, transparency, and timeliness of data in our system. The implementation has allowed us to eliminate a range of manual processes.
Data V Tech has worked with our team to develop reports and tools for our implementation and internal reporting. Those tools have allowed us to optimize our reporting structure further.

The Data V Tech team has demonstrated detailed knowledge of the E10 system and its capabilities. They have been willing to work with our team to understand our business processes and develop creative solutions. I appreciate the team’s willingness to work through the many challenges in our setup and to create new tools to our specifications. Finally, we have conducted a very successful series of weekly meetings to steward our progress. We appreciate the team’s willingness to participate in these discussions and support us in developing world-class products.


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