Epicor Kinetic ERP for Metal Fabrication

Thrive in a Competitive Metal Fabrication Market with Epicor Kinetic

Metal fabricators face numerous challenges, including price sensitivity, volatile raw material costs, shorter product lifecycles, and the need to adopt quality and value-added services. These pressures can erode already thin profit margins and make it difficult for manufacturers to find new efficiencies. To overcome these challenges and thrive in the industry, metal fabricators are turning to advanced technologies: Epicor Kinetic ERP is a robust enterprise resource planning software designed specifically for metal fabrication businesses. Let’s discover this solution!

How does Epicor Kinetic (ERP) Support Metal Fabrication?

Improve Operational Visibility

One of the initial steps to improving the bottom line is gaining greater visibility into office and plant floor operations. Integrated ERP technology provided by Epicor Kinetic removes redundant processes and improves the accuracy of information, enabling better customer service and centralized operational management. With a completely integrated solution encompassing marketing and sales, production and planning, sourcing, procurement, customer service, and finance, Epicor Kinetic offers flexibility in deployment through its modular design. Manufacturers can purchase and activate modules during appropriate implementation phases, ensuring a smooth and tailored deployment process.

Epicor Kinetic ERP for metal fabrication
Epicor Kinetic ERP for metal fabrication

Customer-Centric Approach

Implementing a customer-centric approach throughout the business and fostering closer customer relationships can result in more profitable jobs. Epicor Kinetic offers embedded customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, facilitating fluid communication throughout the organization. The solution provides a complete workflow for each cost-based estimate, including customer signoff as a stage of the initial design or estimate. This approach ensures efficient communication, accurate estimation, and value-added services to meet changing customer demands.

Cost Control and Quality Management

Manufacturers increasingly apply lean methodologies and demand-pull systems to reduce waste and control costs. With efficient management of the buying process, just-in-time (JIT) techniques for procurement, and better forecasting and demand requirements, businesses can drive down margins with suppliers and achieve cost savings. Epicor Kinetic includes inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP), and purchase suggestions capabilities to provide time-phased material control and reduce carrying inventory. Additionally, the solution offers post-production cost analysis, allowing production management to adjust production planning estimates for quoting and rerun the next time based on profitability and run analysis.

Epicor Kinetic ERP for metal fabrication
Epicor Kinetic ERP for metal fabrication

Accurate and Timely Quotes

Accurate quoting is crucial for profitability and maintaining strong customer relationships. Epicor for fabricated metals or metal fabrication offers online cost-based estimating that considers labor, burden, materials, outside services, and engineering when building an estimate. This comprehensive approach ensures quote accuracy and confidence, as estimators can reference historical job profitability and past win pricing, resulting in more competitive and reliable quotes.

Managing Complex Product Builds

With modern products becoming more complex due to consumer demands and innovation, Epicor Kinetic offers capabilities to manage complex products efficiently. The solution allows users to retain the bill of material (BOM) and bill of operation (BOO) within a single engineered product, simplifying engineering processes and enabling accurate scheduling and costing of multi-level assemblies. Epicor also provides product configuration with rules-based configurations, allowing non-engineers such as salespeople to estimate complex products based on predefined rules.

Epicor ERP Chế tạo kim loại
Epicor ERP Chế tạo kim loại

Cradle-to-Grave Product Traceability

Maintaining product and material traceability is crucial in many industries, including defense, medical devices, and metal fabrication. Epicor Kinetic offers a robust solution that tracks materials, finished products, and semi-finished products cradle to grave, ensuring compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

Supplier Performance and Collaboration

Long-term customer relationships rely on maintaining high supplier standards, including delivery performance. Epicor Kinetic promotes tighter collaboration throughout the supply chain by analyzing supplier shipping performance and quality ratings. Automated processes for requesting RFQs and sending change orders through electronic queues on supplier portals or via EDI enhance efficiency and reduce waste in the supply chain.

Epicor ERP Chế tạo kim loại
Epicor ERP Chế tạo kim loại

Support Extended and Global Operations

Managing multiple sites becomes essential as manufacturers expand globally to take advantage of cost-effective labor and consolidate plants. Epicor Kinetic offers comprehensive multisite capabilities with global support, allowing businesses to streamline intra- and inter-company processes and improve overall efficiency across the extended enterprise.

Robust Technology Framework

Epicor Kinetic is built on a 100% services architecture, providing a complete application suite that protects your investment in software and services. Web services are crucial in driving electronic collaboration in the supply chain, supporting scalability and open philosophies to adapt to changing business strategies. This advanced technology makes it attractive for companies looking to acquire or merge with other organizations.

Epicor ERP Chế tạo kim loại
Epicor ERP Chế tạo kim loại

Flexible Deployment Options

Epicor Kinetic provides unprecedented deployment flexibility, making it an ideal solution for businesses with varying IT resources. It can be deployed on-premise, hosted, in the cloud, or hybrid, allowing metal fabricators to choose the most suitable option based on their current and future business needs.

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