Pocket V

The robust mobile ERP app for manufacturers and distributors

Have you ever been on a field trip in remote areas where cell phone coverage was poor, or your access to the internet was limited, and unable to communicate with your colleagues at the office or with customers? Has traffic, weather, or other factors ever hindered you from meeting with customers on time and completing your tasks within the allotted time? What’s your strategy for keeping track of all data while on the road? Especially when it is myriad data? To help field service technicians, salespeople, and warehouse managers overcome those challenges on field trips, Data V Tech introduces Pocket V – a mobile app that increases Epicor Kinetic‘s flexibility to a new level.

Highly versatile mobile app for manufacturers and distributors

Pocket V is a modular mobile application comprising 12 modules available on Android OS6 and later, including Quote Management, Order Management, Quality Assurance, Shipping, Receiving, Material Management, Stock Count, Field Service Management, Maintenance Management, Time & Expense Management, Case Management, and Job Management.

This solution works seamlessly with Epicor Kinetic as it aims to extend Kinetic’s flexibility to the next level. Data V Tech also tailors the app to meet the customer’s specific needs and requirements, and purchasing one single module is possible.

Pocket V is a suite of out-of-the-box features for mobile, tablet, and industrial scanner users powered up with lifetime support. It is a comprehensive solution for field service technicians, salespeople, and warehouse managers.

Pocket V Interface - mobile ERP app EN

Pocket V Main Features

Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Field Service Management

Field Service Management

View work orders, update status, and communicate with customers and colleagues while on the go.
Pocket V - Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Manage maintenance operations effectively, track assets efficiently, and schedule maintenance tasks effortlessly.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Order Management

Order Management

Manage and fulfill customer orders from when they are placed to when they are delivered.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Quote Management

Quote Management

Manage the entire process of creating, sending, and tracking sales quotes.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Receiving


Manage receipts for inbound shipments from PO, Container or RMA Disposition.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Case Management

Case Management

Manage and track customer or client cases or issues.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Time and Expense Management

Time & Expense Management

Manage and track employee time and expenses.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Material Management

Material Management

Manage and optimize materials and inventory.
Pocket V-mobile ERP app-Shipping


Streamline and manage your shipping operations anytime, anywhere.
Pocket V_Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Consistent standards, high customer satisfaction. Ensure complete visibility, collaboration, inspection, corrective actions, cost analysis, compliance, and efficient processes.
Pocket V_Stock Count

Stock Count

Simplify inventory management with efficient planning and recording of stock data, including product, lot, and serial number tracking across multiple warehouses/bins.
Pocket V_Job Management

Job Management

Stay updated on job activities, track status, and access detailed information on assemblies, operations, materials, subcontracting, and transactions in real time.

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