Epicor Kinetic ERP: Powering Wood Manufacturing Success

Epicor Kinetic ERP Powering Wood Manufacturing Success _ Data V Tech

In the fast-paced world of wood manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This is where Epicor Kinetic ERP steps in, providing tailored solutions for companies like Rochdale Spears, OW Lee, and A.C. Brothers. Let’s dive into their success stories to understand why Epicor Kinetic is the preferred choice for wood manufacturers.

Rochdale Spears: Elevating Craftsmanship with Epicor Kinetic

Rochdale Spears, a prominent luxury furniture manufacturer with a large workforce and cutting-edge factories, sought an ERP solution aligned with their diverse operations.

The goal was clear – streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and embark on an Industry 4.0 journey.

Under the guidance of Nguyen Dinh Giang, IT Director, Rochdale Spears implemented Epicor Kinetic along with CADLink and ECN Manager. This strategic move led to a 40% reduction in the I.T. team’s workload. Critical processes, including New Product Introductions (NPI), gained newfound control and visibility. Integration with customer-facing applications further streamlined operations.

The impact was substantial. Lead times were slashed from 120 to 90 days, with an ambitious goal of 60 days on the horizon. Real-time data from MES empowered better decision-making, while financial operations saw book closures reduced from two weeks to three days. Standardized checkpoints and approval processes transformed QA/QC procedures.

“I have 25 years of experience in I.T. and from my perspective, Epicor is a highly valuable, developed-for-manufacturing solution that is enabling our Industry 4.0 journey. We could not achieve this without our Epicor partnership.”, shared Nguyen Dinh Giang, IT Director, Rochdale Spears.

Rochdale Spears envisions a future integrated with automation and robotics, all guided by Epicor Kinetic. This partnership stands as the cornerstone of their Industry 4.0 journey.

OW Lee: Streamlining Operations with Epicor Kinetic

OW Lee, a special order furniture manufacturer, grappled with managing diverse customer preferences and intricate production processes.

Here are their objectives: streamline operations, enhance visibility, and refine costing strategies.

Epicor Kinetic came to the rescue. OW Lee implemented a custom ‘aggregator’ tool to consolidate similar orders, drastically reducing manual paperwork. Furthermore, they developed a sophisticated configurator for seamless product customization.

The outcomes were remarkable. Accurate inventory management ensured optimal stock levels, amplifying efficiency. The intuitive order entry tool accelerated processing, bolstering competitiveness. Precise costing insights empowered OW Lee to adjust pricing for profitability.

A.C. Brothers: Unifying Operations with Epicor Kinetic

A.C. Brothers, a renowned Indian furniture and accessories manufacturer, faced growth limitations due to siloed operations and inefficient systems.

The company wanted to streamline operations, scale with growth, and provide real-time data access.

Collaborating with Epicor’s channel partner, A.C. Brothers swiftly implemented the ERP solution across all departments. The unified platform offered a single source of accurate data for informed decision-making.

Post-implementation, A.C. Brothers witnessed impressive improvements. Order processing time reduced by 4%, while inventory carrying costs decreased by 5%. The system optimized material procurement, evaluating suppliers based on delivery time and quality.

The Robust Epicor Kinetic ERP for Wood Manufacturing

Epicor Kinetic ERP, with its tailored solutions and robust functionalities, has repeatedly proven to be the linchpin of success for wood manufacturers. Whether elevating craftsmanship at Rochdale Spears, streamlining operations at OW Lee, or unifying operations at A.C. Brothers, the results speak for themselves. With Epicor Kinetic, wood manufacturers can embark on a transformative journey toward efficiency, profitability, and sustainable growth. This ERP solution is poised to play a pivotal role in the continued success and expansion of companies in the wood manufacturing industry.

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