Boosting Plastic Manufacturers’ Productivity with Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic giúp các nhà sản xuất nhựa tăng năng suất

Real-World Case Studies

In an ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, digital transformation is paramount for plastic manufacturers to remain competitive and fuel growth. Enter Epicor Kinetic—a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that has revolutionized operations for plastic manufacturers across various industries. Let’s delve into three real-world cases that showcase the transformative power of Epicor Kinetic in boosting productivity, streamlining processes, and driving growth for plastics manufacturers.

Case 1: Midwest Precision Molding: Navigating Unprecedented Demand During COVID-19

When the global pandemic thrust the demand for medical equipment to unprecedented levels, Midwest Precision Molding (MPM Plastics) faced the daunting task of meeting surging ventilator and medical component orders. Previous ERP systems had failed to provide the agility and speed required for this challenge. MPM Plastics turned to Epicor Kinetic and Epicor Advanced MES to gain real-time insights into production, streamline workflows, and enhance decision-making. By leveraging real-time data from Epicor, MPM Plastics achieved a 20%+ boost in efficiencies, re-prioritized jobs seamlessly, and increased machine utilization—resulting in an impressive 40% growth in 2021 and a projected 70% growth in 2022. (More)

Case 2: Custom Molded Products: Streamlining Manufacturing with Advanced MES Integration

Custom Molded Products-Shanghai (CMP) found a competitive edge by adopting Epicor Kinetic and integrating it with Epicor Advanced MES. This integration automated workflows, reduced redundancy, and facilitated real-time data-driven decision-making. As a result, CMP achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency metrics. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increased by almost 33%, Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) was reduced by two-thirds, and sales soared from $29 million in 2019 to $58 million in 2022. CMP’s success story highlights the power of Epicor Kinetic’s seamless integration and the tangible benefits it brings to manufacturers’ bottom lines. (More)

Case 3: Thomas Dudley Ltd: A Unified Approach to Business Integration

Thomas Dudley, a UK-based manufacturing group comprising five businesses, sought an integrated ERP system to streamline its diverse operations. Epicor Kinetic provided the foundation for this integration, allowing Thomas Dudley to unify their operations and achieve granular analytics for more informed decision-making. Epicor Kinetic’s flexibility also enabled them to integrate with third-party logistic providers, saving significant costs. By customizing and integrating Epicor Kinetic, Thomas Dudley improved efficiency, achieved substantial cost savings, and established a unified architecture for future growth. (More)

The experiences of Midwest Precision Molding, Custom Molded Products, and Thomas Dudley Ltd serve as compelling testaments to the transformative impact of Epicor Kinetic on plastics manufacturers. Manufacturers can significantly improve efficiency, productivity, and growth by leveraging advanced technology, real-time data, and seamless integration. Epicor Kinetic emerges as the catalyst that empowers manufacturers to navigate challenges, streamline operations, and seize opportunities for sustainable success in the competitive landscape of plastic manufacturing.

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