Epicor Kinetic: A Proven ERP Solution for Plastics and Rubber Manufacturers

Epicor Kinetic A Proven ERP Solution for the Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing Industries _ Data V Tech

In the competitive world of plastics and rubber manufacturing, having a robust, customizable, and industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is crucial. Epicor Kinetic is one such solution with a proven track record in these industries. Here are some success stories that highlight the significant contributions of Epicor Kinetic to plastics and rubber manufacturers’ success.


Wearwell, an industry leader in ergonomic flooring and anti-fatigue mats, modernized its financial management with Epicor Kinetic. The solution automated their processes, saving operational time and increasing data accuracy. The result was a streamlined process that reduced their monthly close effort from a day and a half to just a few minutes.

Midwest Precision Molding

Midwest Precision Molding, a plastic injection molding company, leveraged Epicor Kinetic to meet the ballooning demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The system provided real-time production metrics and analytics, enabling them to reprioritize jobs and increase machine utilization. Such enhancements led to an impressive 40% growth in 2021, equivalent to 10,5 US$ mil (calculated based on the revenue published in 2019), and a continuous achievement in 2022, i.e., 12 US$ mil.

Thomas Dudley Ltd

Thomas Dudley Ltd, a UK-based manufacturing group, used Epicor Kinetic to integrate its five businesses into a typical architecture. With Epicor Kinetic, the company improved their delivery infrastructure by integrating third-party logistic providers, saving them over £100k annually.

Mahansaria Group

Mahansaria Group, an off-highway tire manufacturer, deployed Epicor Kinetic to support its aggressive growth strategy. As a result, they have received since then granular and accurate weekly analytics reports and KPIs. More thorough insights have enabled them to make better-informed decisions.

Sistema Plastics

Sistema Plastics, a leading manufacturer of food storage containers, used Epicor Kinetic to gain greater insight into their business. The solution facilitated more effective planning to enhance further efficiencies and ensure an effective operation.

Sistema Plastics Customer Success

These success stories demonstrate how Epicor Kinetic can empower businesses in the plastics and rubber manufacturing industries with its robust features and industry-specific capabilities. If you want to explore how Epicor Kinetic can benefit your business, book a free demo session with us today. Let’s embark on a journey towards operational excellence together!

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