VINAM Opens the 2nd Factory with Seamless Digitalization

VINAM's 2nd factory grand opening ceremony

Binh Duong, 17th April 2023 – Data V Tech was honored to attend the grand opening ceremony of VINAM’s 2nd factory. Again, VINAM has completed another strategic transformation in response to the increasing demand for oil and non-oil and gas appliances. Particularly, the digitalization in the new facility went smoothly within a few weeks.

With broad manufacturing experience, VINAM has established itself as the leading provider of high-quality oil, non-oil, and gas appliances. Its high-precision machining service is commendable and helps to optimize reservoir performance. At the same time, innovative solutions offered in oil and non-oil and gas appliances demonstrate VINAM’s versatility and ability to match various industries’ requirements.

VINAM’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in the QMS ISO 9001:2015 implemented in all operational processes and its qualified staff with over 25 years of experience managing manufacturing processes and quality control. The high-precision manufacturing capability facility in VSIP 2, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, showcases its dedication to delivering exceptional service.

Furthermore, VINAM embeds a client-focused, integrated management system built on non-negotiable service and performance standards to increase service quality and safety reliability while managing customer risks. Its successful attempt to deploy Epicor Kinetic in 2019 paved the way for more effective and efficient management and became the stepping stone to digitalizing the new factory. It took VINAM only 2-3 weeks to collaborate with Data V Tech to extend its ERP system seamlessly and prepare its team to embrace this exciting, potentially lucrative expansion.

VINAM Grand Opening Second Factory in Binh Duong

“For Epicor, I appreciate Vince and Phuong’s consultation. We don’t have any changes regarding the data structure. Having to change it every upgrade would have been a disaster. Epicor pretty much has all the necessary tools. The problem is that many implementation firms don’t have strong knowledge and consulting experience and recommend lots of customizations. When upgrading to a new version, everything will need to be redone, or it’s incompatible, which is troublesome. Thanks to Data V Tech for advising us with their responsibility and heart. I hope Data V Tech always holds up this spirit while working with other customers.”, says Chung Huu Hoang, VINAM’s President and Chairman.

Once again, congratulations to VINAM on the successful completion of the second factory in Binh Duong!

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