Optimizing Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Optimizing Order Management for Businesses with Epicor Kinetic & Shopify

With Epicor Kinetic and Shopify, you can streamline your order management process and boost your productivity with ease. If you manage a manufacturing business and need an efficient solution for swift and accurate order management, you can trust the Epicor Kinetic system. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify to enhance the smoothness and effectiveness of your business operations.

When customers complete orders on Shopify, the Epicor Kinetic system promptly updates data from Shopify Maintenance, ensuring continuous information synchronization! This facilitates easy order tracking and verification for the sales department through the utilization of Sales Order Entry.

Sales Order Entry Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Moreover, the system boasts perfect compatibility between orders on Shopify and within the Epicor Kinetic system, which guarantees a seamless experience for all users! Order numbers and summary information are displayed, enabling convenient transaction monitoring. Especially, you can effortlessly identify order numbers through the series at the end of the URL in the Shopify browser.

Detailed information such as PO, purchased product lists, and recipient addresses are automatically displayed as Tabs within Sales Order Entry, bringing convenience and precision to the order processing process.

Sales Order Entry Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

To optimize customer management, you can check orders directly within the Shopify Customers and Orders Dashboard! The Epicor Kinetic system also supports the Sync Person/Contact feature, facilitating information synchronization with customers and importing Person/Contact into an existing customer in the system, optimizing communication processes.

Shopify Customers and Orders Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Person Contact Maintenance Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Both Shopify and Epicor Kinetic will automatically update the order status upon order completion. On Shopify, orders don’t just get fulfilled, they transition with ease and speed from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled! And that’s not all – with Customer Shipment Entry, you can easily update the order status to Shipped, making it a breeze to track all your shipping processes with pinpoint accuracy.

Customer Shipment Entry Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Order Management with Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Choose Epicor Kinetic and Shopify systems for efficient order management in your manufacturing business! Contact us today for more details and start improving your business processes!


1. How long does it take to install Shopify and deploy integration between Shopify and Epicor Kinetic?

Installation and deployment take 2-3 weeks if there are no software customization requirements from the business.

2. Does deployment service include user training?


3. Will changes to customer information on Shopify affect Epicor Kinetic?

No, there will be no impact. Epicor Kinetic will scan for changes in customers and update the information on its database accordingly.

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