Visit Data V Tech at the VIMF

Visit Data V Tech at VIMF

We are excited to announce that Data V Tech will be participating in the Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) from June 19-21, 2024. This event, held at the WTC Expo Center in Bình Dương, is the largest international industrial exhibition in Vietnam, showcasing a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the manufacturing and automation industries.

Event Details

  • Date: June 19-21, 2024
  • Location: WTC Expo Center, Bình Dương, Vietnam
  • Booth: B181

About VIMF 2024

The VIMF 2024 is a premier event, combining the Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta (VIAF). It brings together key players from various industrial sectors, including machinery, equipment, tools, and technology. This year’s exhibition will cover:

  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Metalworking and Material Processing
  • Sheet Metal Cutting and Shaping
  • Tool Systems and Manufacturing Solutions
  • Welding and Coating Equipment
  • Industrial Automation and Software Solutions
  • 3D Printing and Design Technologies
  • Supporting Industries and More

Why Visit Data V Tech at Booth B181?

At Data V Tech, we specialize in implementing and customizing Epicor Kinetic, a leading ERP solution that integrates seamlessly with manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience working with Epicor products and providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of industrial leaders.

Key Highlights at Our Booth

1. Expert Consultations

  • Meet our team of experienced consultants who can provide personalized advice and insights on optimizing your manufacturing processes.
  • Explore our comprehensive range of services, including software implementation, integration, customization, upgrades, training, and IT support.

2. Exclusive Offers

  • Take advantage of special offers and promotions available only to VIMF attendees.
  • Find out how our solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and help you stay ahead in a competitive market.

Join Us

We invite you to visit our booth B181 at VIMF 2024 to discover how Data V Tech can support your journey towards digital transformation and smart manufacturing. Engage with our team, experience our innovative solutions, and see firsthand how we can help your business thrive in the industry 4.0 era.

We look forward to seeing you at the VIMF 2024. Let’s innovate together for a smarter and more efficient future!

About Data V Tech

At Data V Tech Solutions, we excel at revolutionizing manufacturing operations through cutting-edge technology solutions. Our deep understanding of the manufacturing industry enables us to deliver customized software and IT services that improve efficiency, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

As a certified Epicor partner, Data V Tech provides the expertise and insight required to successfully implement Epicor Kinetic ERP solutions. Leveraging our deep industry experience, we address the unique challenges faced by manufacturers and customize the implementation process to meet their specific needs.

For more information about the event or to schedule a meeting with our team, please contact us here.

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