How Epicor Kinetic Contributes to Packing Materials Manufacturers’ Success

How Epicor Kinetic Contributes to the Success of Manufacturers in Plastics & Packing Materials _ Data V Tech

Epicor Kinetic, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, has been instrumental in driving success for manufacturers in the packing material industry. Let’s discover the following five cases with Data V Tech: Fluid-Bag, Wisconsin Converting, Omega Plastics, Rexam Corporation (acquired by Ball Corporation), and Plantic Technologies Limited to illustrate how Epicor Kinetic has contributed to their growth and efficiency.


Fluid-Bag, a Finnish manufacturer of flexible containers, faced the challenge of managing their accounts and production books using different applications and separate databases. The company realized the need for a more efficient and modern system to replace the old working method. It chose Epicor Kinetic for the software’s modern qualities and the enthusiastic approach of the Epicor sales team. The implementation of Epicor Kinetic has allowed Fluid-Bag to manage the entire process effortlessly, from the initial order to material handling and delivery. The most significant benefit was the ability to easily manage the whole chain from sales to billing and deliveries.

Wisconsin Converting

Wisconsin Converting Inc., a company specializing in paper packaging solutions, tripled in size over a decade. The lack of an ERP system was a key obstacle to that growth. Epicor Kinetic gained the customer’s favor for its flexibility to make changes in-house. With Epicor Kinetic, Wisconsin Converting eliminated numerous dashboards, customizations, and business process management (BPM) that were either redundant or unused. Such improvements significantly lowered the costs and time associated with the upgrade.

Omega Plastics

Omega Plastics Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing low-cavitation injection molds, molded products, and assemblies, implemented Epicor Kinetic to gather detailed, project-specific reporting and operations information. The implementation not only centralized operational functions but also dramatically increased the speed of generating updatable project dashboards.

Rexam Corporation (acquired by Ball Corporation)

Rexam Corporation, a leading global consumer packaging group and beverage can maker, used Epicor Kinetic for real-time production monitoring. The implementation of Epicor Kinetic took Rexam’s production and real-time process monitoring to the next level. It allowed Rexam to monitor numerous parameters on the shop floor, everything from cycle time, downtime, and fill time to mold temperatures, oil temperatures, and even valve pressures.

Plantic Technologies Limited

Plantic Technologies Limited, a world-leading bioplastic innovator, has used Epicor Kinetic for over 20 years. The ERP system has helped them maintain their position as an industry leader by providing a reliable way to gather detailed project-specific reporting and operations information. Epicor Kinetic won over SAP A1 in the selection round primarily due to its specialization in the plastics industry. Another reason is Plantic Technologies’s long-term cooperation with Epicor’s authorized partner in Vietnam and Australia – Data V Tech Solutions Company Ltd.

In conclusion, Epicor Kinetic has proven to be a valuable tool for manufacturers in the packing materials industry. It provides a modern, efficient system that centralizes operational functions, improves process monitoring, and enhances decision-making capabilities. These case studies demonstrate that with the right ERP solution like Epicor Kinetic, manufacturers can drive growth, improve efficiency, and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

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