Epicor ERP Jobs in Vietnam

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Epicor Kinetic (ERP) is a product of 50 years of continuous research, development, and enhancement, simultaneously opening multiple job opportunities worldwide, including in Vietnam. And Data V Tech is proud to be the authorized Epicor vendor in the Asia Pacific (and beyond)!

If you are inquisitive, love to create, and find contentment in helping others succeed, start your career in this ERP industry today! We always welcome you at Data V Tech!

Epicor career in Vietnam
ERP jobs in Vietnam

What are ERP job opportunities?

The future is ERP

At Data V Tech, we take pride in our Epicor jobs for assisting enterprises of different sizes in various industries. So, what do we do exactly?

We work in all business fields, like a comprehensive modular Epicor Kinetic system—software development, business informatics, accounting, business administration, marketing, etc. Data V Techies’ diverse backgrounds enable us to understand our customers’ businesses and curate the software to their needs.

Ultimately, they triumph and support us with more insights to refine our products and generate technological innovations, such as Pocket V – our ERP on the go.

That’s the bright side of our jobs. Continue to find more secrets in the ERP career!

What aren't ERP jobs?

Sedentary, monotonous, 9-5 positions

We have projects in Vietnam, Australia, China, the US, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Most of our ERP jobs in Vietnam require travel to deliver training to our customers. Sometimes, you will also travel to other areas for career development workshops.

Each enterprise is unique. So is their adaptable Epicor Kinetic system. Likewise, your tasks are also diverse and require creativity and innovation.

Finally, it is hard and not always 9-5 work. Data V Techies are self-motivated: we get the job done even when no one is watching.

If you like challenges, flexibility, and autonomy at work, check out our current vacancies!

Epicor jobs in Vietnam

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