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What is Epicor Automation Studio?

Epicor Automation Studio is an intelligent automation tool allowing users to collaborate with the IT team and act as citizen developers and integrators when integrating and automating workflows between apps, data, and Epicor platforms. It ensures the process is seamless and effortless, which helps save time, eliminate manual tasks, and increase productivity.

What can Automation Studio do?

Epicor Automation Studio can optimize proficiency because it is a low-code integration platform-as-a-service aimed at average enterprise users. Here are some significant benefits of Epicor Automation Studio:

Bridging the IT Gap:

As mentioned earlier, Epicor Automation Studio users can act as citizen developers and integrators in a team with IT personnel for governance.

The cloud platform enables elastic, serverless operation. It covers all use cases for all departments. Last but not least, the platform users can enjoy a streamlined user experience thanks to self-service access to connectors and low-code/no-code recipes embedded in the Epicor system.

Connecting Epicor to 1,000+ External Apps

Modern robotic process automation in Automation Studio combines fit-for-purpose tools, e.g., APIs for robust and reliable collaborations with modern systems, parsers for leveraging data from documents and images, and scraping technologies for websites and older systems.

The solution users can determine connector selections for every department. Ultimately, Automation Studio is an embedded Epicor connector for external and internal app-to-app, generic webhook, and HTTP connectors, providing complete flexibility.

Harnessing Crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automation Studio uses machine learning (ML) to analyze the 400,000+ community recipes available to make recommendations when building your own.

A recipe is an automation consisting of a trigger and one or more resulting actions. Published recipes are open source, available for ML analysis, and you can reuse and adapt them.

Users can confidently utilize Automation Studio during the entire process of field mapping between applications. Based on the retrospective analysis of others’ work in similar recipes, the solution recommends the next steps in your recipe.

Does Automation Studio come with Kinetic? If I need to purchase it, how much does it cost?

You will need to purchase Automation Studio as a subscription service. You subscribe to it based on the number of connections. Write as many “recipes” (integrations) as desired, and we (Epicor, Data V Tech, or any other software providers) count the number of endpoints that are connected to determine the price.

For example, Kinetic + Salesforce + Mailchimp = 3 connections. Contact the customer account manager to get pricing.

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