Epicor Kinetic ERP’s Advanced UOM Functionality

Epicor Kinetic ERP's Advanced UOM Functionality

Streamline Inventory Management for Enhanced Productivity

The competitive business landscape exposes manufacturers and distributors to immense pressure to reduce costs while meeting customers’ demands on tight margins. Effective inventory management has become crucial in achieving success and ensuring timely deliveries. Epicor Kinetic ERP’s Advanced Unit of Measure (UOM) module offers a powerful solution that simplifies inventory management while enabling businesses to forecast inventory and seamlessly meet customer and production needs.

Elevating Inventory Management with Advanced UOM

Many ERP systems claim to provide sophisticated inventory management solutions but often require complex implementations and ongoing management, consuming valuable time and resources. What sets Epicor Kinetic ERP’s Advanced UOM functionality apart is its simplified approach to inventory management, seamlessly integrating inventory attributes such as hardness, strength, modulus of elasticity, or density.

Streamlined Inventory Location and Planning

Segmenting inventory based on attributes makes locating the proper inventory a breeze, and physical counts yield more meaningful results. This segmentation empowers businesses to plan inventory needs at the attribute level, ensuring accurate supply and demand. The result? Enhanced inventory accuracy and greater visibility are crucial for efficient operations.

Dynamic Attributes for Seamless Conversions

One of the standout features of Epicor’s Advanced UOM is the ability to manage conversions between units dynamically. Whether dealing with pounds or grams to feet, meters, or each, businesses can effortlessly handle purchasing and selling in one unit of measure while managing inventory and production in another. This dual unit of measure approach simplifies transactions, providing accurate costing and reducing complexities.

Cross-Industry Applicability

While Advanced UOM shines in metal industries, where tracking high-value inventory is critical, its applications extend across various sectors. Industries such as textiles, fabricated metals, landscaping, packaging, furniture, footwear, eyewear, sporting goods, and more can benefit from this comprehensive inventory management solution.

Integration across ERP Modules

Epicor Kinetic ERP ensures Advanced UOM’s benefits permeate every aspect of your organization’s operations. From quoting and quantity adjustments to MRP, purchasing, receiving, material queue, part tracker, inventory transfer, material issue, job receipt, customer shipment entry, and more – every step of the process is streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Attribute Sets for Simplified Implementation

With the ability to quickly set up and maintain attribute sets across different inventory types, Epicor users can implement and manage inventory dimensions effortlessly. The ERP system ensures flexibility and simplicity by assigning attributes automatically or manually in various entry points such as Quote Entry, Sales Order Entry, Purchase Order Entry, and Receipt Entry.

Efficient Replenishment with Attribute-Based Goals

At the bin level, businesses can specify replenishment goals for each attribute, ensuring on-hand availability of inventory. The MRP then generates purchase suggestions, guaranteeing the procurement of needed inventory and optimizing supply chain operations.

MRP Planning with Attributes for Engineered Products

For engineered products, specific attributes can be assigned to semi-finished or finished goods, especially when applying value-added services. By leveraging materials with attributes in a bill of material, MRP automates production accurately based on demand and forecasts, ensuring the procurement of materials to meet specific needs.

Dual Units of Measure for Comprehensive Transacting

Epicor Kinetic allows businesses to transact in two units of measure simultaneously throughout the ERP system. Inventory Stock Status reflects inventory availability by attribute in both units of measure, providing a comprehensive view, for example, in feet and pounds.

Simplified Cycle Counting with Whole Units by Attribute

Epicor Kinetic ERP streamlines cycle counting by enabling counting in whole units based on attributes, making inventory audits more efficient and accurate.

To sum up, Epicor Kinetic ERP’s Advanced UOM functionality revolutionizes inventory management, offering simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency across industries. By leveraging attribute-based inventory segmentation, businesses can optimize inventory operations, promptly meet customer demands, and reduce carrying costs without compromising service quality. Embrace Epicor Kinetic ERP’s Advanced UOM and elevate your inventory management to new heights of productivity.

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