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Empower Your Supply Chain for Success with Epicor Kinetic

Discover the power of Epicor Kinetic’s Supply Chain Management module for your manufacturing success. This innovative technology offers a tailored solution, incorporating best practices to optimize your operations. Epicor enables seamless coordination throughout your value chain, from purchasing and inventory management to order fulfillment and analytics. With enhanced visibility and digital capabilities, transform your supply chain into a results-driven force that exceeds customer expectations in a dynamic global market.
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What is a supply chain management application in Kinetic?

Epicor Kinetic’s Supply Chain Management module is a robust solution designed to optimize and streamline enterprises’ end-to-end supply chain processes. It empowers businesses to manage their inventory, procurement, warehousing, and logistics operations effectively.

Epicor Supply Chain Management's Main Features

Supply Chain Management_Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Optimize purchasing processes, track supplier performance, and improve negotiations. Automate purchasing, cross-reference suppliers, manage approvals, and track purchase orders. Enhance inventory levels, on-time deliveries, cash flow, and profit levels.
Supply Chain Management_Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Streamlining Procurement and Vendor Collaboration. SRM empowers buyers and procurement staff to request quotes for materials or services, evaluate supplier responses, and determine the best options for manufacturing and servicing.
Supply Chain Management_Advanced Requisition Management

Advanced Requisition Management

Gain control over procurement spending and streamline workflows with an online purchase requisition tool. Regulate budgets, negotiate discounts, set spending limits, and assign approval authority for efficient supply chain management.
Supply Chain Management_Supplier Connect

Supplier Connect

Strengthen your competitiveness by offering online interaction with customers and suppliers, streamlining inquiries, and enhancing collaboration. Supplier Connect provides self-service options, performance metrics, customizable data fields, and seamless communication for faster, more accurate supply chain management.
Supply Chain Management_Purchase Contract

Purchase Contracts

Automate your recurring inventory purchases with ease. Establish delivery schedules, assign line items to purchase orders, and streamline inventory control for improved production efficiency and business expediency. Enjoy complete functionality with part schedule and periodicity code maintenance.
Supply Chain Management_Epicor Supplier Portal

Epicor Supplier Portal

Integrate suppliers into your Kinetic solution through an integration or web portal. Communicate efficiently, view sourcing requests, access graphical charts, and gain real-time visibility into orders, carriers, and warehouses. Stay proactive with web-based analytics to identify potential issues and ensure a responsive supply chain.
Supply Chain Management_Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Streamline and control your inventory operations with functions for tracking, costing, cycle counting, global trade, package control, and more. Gain visibility and optimize your supply chain processes for improved efficiency.
Supply Chain Management_Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and Receiving

Streamline operations, increase efficiency, and ensure accuracy with comprehensive tracking of shipments, receipts, invoicing, container shipments, landed costs, and more. Benefit from features like mass ship, subcontract parts tracking, and shipping performance reporting.
Supply Chain Management_Quick Ship

Quick Ship

Epicor Kinetic’s multicarrier shipping software. Streamline domestic and international shipping processes, including rate shopping, labeling, documentation, and automated notifications, to meet customer demands efficiently.
Supply Chain Management_Advanced Material Management (AMM)

Advanced Material Management (AMM)

Effortlessly generate electronic material requests, track inventory movements, and dispatch materials. With wireless terminals and barcoding technology, gain real-time visibility and complete control over raw materials and work in progress throughout your enterprise.
Supply Chain Management_Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization

Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization

A cloud-based reporting platform for demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply chain analytics, driving sales and inventory operations planning. Accessible through any browser, it combines robust forecasting, optimization techniques, and consensus planning for seamless inventory management.
Supply Chain Management_Advanced Unit of Measure (UOM)

Advanced Unit of Measure (UOM)

Simplify complex inventory management for manufacturers and distributors selling items with dimensional attributes. Segment inventory by attributes, enable accurate supply and demand planning, and seamlessly manage unit conversions. Experience greater visibility, accurate costing, and simplified transactions with Advanced UOM.
Supply Chain Management_Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Seamlessly link your warehouse operations with order processing and manufacturing. Optimize pick, pack, ship, and receiving processes through bin management, team creation, fulfillment workbench, allocation templates, wave picking, and more. Ensure supply chain efficiency with lot and serial tracking. Gain control over customer-managed and supplier-managed inventory for enhanced business control and reduced risk.
Supply Chain Management_Wireless warehouse

Wireless Warehouse

A modern handheld application optimizing warehouse and distribution functions. Its user-friendly interface enables fast and accurate scanning, reducing errors and improving transaction processing time. Compatible with the latest scanning devices from Honeywell and Zebra running on Android 5+ and Android. Features include receiving, core warehousing functions, picking and unpicking orders, automated workflows, validation options, PCID management, outbound shipment processing, and paperless proof of delivery.

Epicor Supply Chain Management's Benefits

Supply Chain Management_Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Streamline supply chain operations, automate processes, and eliminate manual tasks, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.
Supply Chain Management_Improved Inventory Management

Improved Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels, minimize stock-outs, and reduce carrying costs, ensuring the availability of goods to meet customer demand.
Supply Chain Management_Enhanced Supplier Collaboration

Enhanced Supplier Collaboration

Streamline procurement processes, improve supplier communication, and build stronger relationships, ensuring timely deliveries and competitive pricing.
Supply Chain Management_Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

Accurately forecast demand, enhance order fulfillment processes, and ensure on-time deliveries, improving customer satisfaction.
Supply Chain Management_Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Optimize logistics operations, reduce transportation costs, minimize stock holding costs, and eliminate manual errors, leading to significant cost savings.

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