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Comprehensive solution for connected factories

The global marketplace continues to shrink profit margins, and customers become more demanding: businesses are looking for agile solutions to respond quickly and efficiently to changes. Epicor Kinetic offers a comprehensive solution for make-to-order, mixed-mode, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, and configure–to–order manufacturers. Its production management module also includes light assembly features for distribution businesses.
Epicor Kinetic Production Management

What is a production management module in Kinetic?

Epicor Production Management is a suite of modules, including Job Management, Advanced Production, Lean Manufacturing, Data Collection, Advanced MES (View Epicor Advanced MES), Quality Assurance, Enhanced Quality Assurance, and Quality Management System. It supports businesses in planning, controlling, and coordinating all production-related actions.

Complete real-time visibility with Epicor Kinetic Production Management

Integration with Epicor Job Management, Scheduling, Quality Assurance, and Advanced Material Management eliminates dual entry and provides online, real-time views of the latest plant floor scheduling priorities. The centralized Epicor Kinetic database allows plant floor access to necessary documentation, including product drawings, process documents—even multimedia videos of complicated processes.

Epicor Production Management's Main Features

Epicor Kinetic Production Job Management

Job Management

Comprehensive production control solution specifically for planning, routing, scheduling, costing, and tracking goods with a historical run analysis comparing estimates to actuals on a run-by-run basis.Read More »
Epicor Kinetic Advanced Production Management

Advanced Production

Full prowess in grouping parts/ operations for critical processes and generating a single reporting entity/ job for simplified scheduling, tracking, and reporting of labor and materials on the plant floor.Read More »
Epicor Kinetic Lean Production Management

Kanban Lean Production

A robust instrument for plant floor operations that adopt work order-less Kanban manufacturing strategies in part or thoroughly to pull rather than push products through the manufacturing process.Read More »
Epicor Kinetic Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System

An easy-to-use, online system for the plant floor allowing plant-based transactions real-time visibility throughout the Epicor solution with a highly user-friendly interface, including touchscreen monitors and bar-coded enablement.Read More »
Epicor Kinetic Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Complete visibility of quality operations, including visibility of items in the quality process, facilitating supplier returns with links to Accounts Payable for automated debit processing, and closing the loop on traceability of products in and out of quality within the plant.Read More »
Epicor Kinetic Advanced Quality Management

Advanced Quality Assurance

A comprehensive framework for compliance with regulatory and industry standards, including ISO, automotive (TS), aerospace (AS), and FDA (21CFR 11) requirements, while improving productivity and reducing costs across your entire enterprise.Read More »

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    Bill of materials

    A bill of materials (BOM) refers to the list of items or raw materials used to produce a part or product.


    Configure-to-order (CTO) is a manufacturing approach that allows product assembling and configuration according to customer requirements.


    Engineer-to-order (ETO) refers to the manufacturing approach where the manufacturer engineers and produces a product after receiving an order. The product details are usually unknown upon the order receipt.


    Kanban is a lean workflow management method that aims to balance demands with available capacity, tackle systemic bottlenecks, and improve production efficiency.


    Make-to-order, MTO, is a manufacturing strategy in which manufacturers produce goods from scratch once receiving an order. In other words, customer orders or the actual demand for goods triggers production. Thus, this supply chain management system is called a “pull” type.


    Make-to-stock (MTS) is a manufacturing strategy in which manufacturers forecast product demand to plan and schedule production. In other words, they prepare the products for future orders, and this is the “push” type of supply chain management system.


    Mixed-mode manufacturing refers to the combination of both make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS) in one supply chain.

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