Customer Relationship Management

What is Epicor Kinetic CRM's function?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables finding more prospects and quickly converting them into satisfied customers. The CRM module serves as a marketing tool, allowing the creation and tracking of marketing campaigns within Kinetic through events, activities, and leads generated from the event. Responses from a given activity are entered into the CRM module as leads. Leads are tracked through Kinetic until the eventual order. To set up a marketing campaign, define the type of marketing activities to track, identify specific advertisements, and include advertising publications.

The CRM functionality helps manage the entire sales process more effectively with features such as workflow and forecasting. The CRM module is a powerful sales and management tool that supports managers in guiding staff through the sales quotation and order process. Our application automatically assigns leads to the respective sales personnel based on territory and region definitions, which can be easily defined and adjusted using our intuitive tools. Your sales force is expertly guided through a specific sales process via task lists, ensuring that no important steps are missed. Additionally, our application tracks all contacts and activities that nurtured the lead into a quoted stage, providing valuable insights into the sales process.

Customer Relationship Management

Epicor Kinetic's CRM vs. Sales Management Applications

When the CRM license is installed and functional, the Epicor Application will display an alternate Main Menu compared to the one shown without CRM. It is important to note that the Sales Management module is referred to as Customer Relationship Management with the CRM license. The functionality that corresponds to the Customer Relationship Management folder is located under the Sales and Marketing Management folder.
Epicor Kinetic CRM Integration with ERP

Integration with ERP

Epicor Kinetic’s CRM module is designed to work seamlessly with its ERP suite, offering a more integrated solution that can help businesses to manage their entire business process, including finance, inventory, manufacturing, and other operations.
Epicor Kinetic Customer Relationship Management Comprehensive Functionality

Comprehensive Functionality

Epicor Kinetic’s CRM module includes a wide range of features and capabilities, including contact management, sales management, marketing management, service management, and analytics and reporting. This makes it a more comprehensive solution than standalone sales management apps, which may only focus on one or two areas.
Epicor Kinetic CRM Scalability


Epicor Kinetic’s CRM module is designed to scale as the business grows, making it a more suitable solution for larger businesses and enterprises. Standalone sales management apps may not offer the same scalability, and may need to be replaced as the business grows.
Epicor Kinetic CRM Customization


Epicor Kinetic’s CRM module is highly customizable, with a range of tools and features that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the business. This level of customization is often not available in standalone sales management apps.

Epicor CRM's Main Features

Epicor Kinetic Contact Management

Contact Management

Store and manage customer information, incl. contact details, lead status, and sales progress
Epicor Kinetic Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Automate and track marketing campaigns, including email and social media marketing efforts.
Epicor Kinetic Service and Support

Service and Support

Resolve customer issues and manage customer satisfaction with an efficient customer service and support system.
Epicor Kinetic CRM Sales and Lead Management

Sales and Lead Management

Monitor & manage the lead generation process, from lead capture to lead nurturing & conversion, streamline the sales process, from quotes to pipeline management.
Epicor Kinetic CRM Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze customer data, track performance, and gain insights into customer behavior and trends with a wide range of analytics and reporting tools.
Epicor Kinetic CRM Customization


Tailor the solution to meet the unique requirements of your business, including custom workflows, fields, and dashboards, to ease the working process and increase productivity.

Epicor Kinetic CRM Demo

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