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No salespeople would want to send their prospects an offer, even worse, with an inaccurate quote, after their competitors. It is their pivotal need to connect with clients and understand their needs and preferences to design an appropriate proposal. In response to fierce competition and a myriad of leads, many are using a sales management app to manage customers and make better decisions with thorough insights and forecasts.
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What is Epicor Kinetic Sales Management?

Epicor Kinetic Sales Management module offers a comprehensive suite of features, including lead and opportunity management, quote and order management, and sales forecasting and reporting; organizations can streamline their sales operations and drive growth. The module’s user-friendly interface and robust analytics capabilities make it easy for sales teams to manage their pipelines, create quotes, and close deals effectively. Whether you’re looking to increase sales efficiency, improve your sales performance, or stay ahead of the competition, Epicor Kinetic Sales Management is your solution.

Epicor Sales Management's Main Features

Data V Tech-Epicor Kinetic Financial Management-General Ledger

Lead and Opportunity Management

Enable sales teams to manage leads and opportunities throughout the sales cycle, from lead generation to closure.
Data V Tech-Epicor Kinetic Financial Management-Accounts Payable

Quote and Order Management

Create, manage, and send quotes and process orders efficiently with real-time data and transactional updates
Data V Tech-Epicor Kinetic Financial Management-Accounts Payable

Sales Forecasting and Reporting

Provide businesses with real-time insights into their sales performance, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive growth.
Data V Tech-Epicor Kinetic Accounting Solution-Financial Planning and Analysis

Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of customer interactions, enabling enterprises to understand customers’ needs better and build stronger relationships.
Data V Tech-Epicor Accounting Software-Robust Extensions

Analytics and Reporting

The advanced analytics and reporting capabilities allow businesses to quickly and easily analyze their sales data and gain insights into their performance.
Data V Tech-Epicor Accounting Software-Robust Extensions


This component integrates seamlessly with other Epicor Kinetic modules, allowing businesses to manage their entire sales process within a single, integrated solution.

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