Kanban Lean Production

Agile, Flexible, and Responsive Manufacturing

Optimize manufacturing processes, reduce waste, and improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction using Epicor Kinetic Kaban Lean Production. This Production Management feature allows you to pull rather than push products through the manufacturing process, in particular:

  • Visualize workflows, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and optimize processes for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Eliminate waste by optimizing inventory levels, reducing overproduction, and minimizing the need for excess resources.
  • Manage inventory more effectively and avoid stockouts and overstocking, using real-time visibility into inventory levels.
  • Identify defects and quality issues early on, enabling them to take corrective action before they impact customers.
  • Collaborate more effectively and efficiently with Epicor Kinetic Kaban Lean Production.

Epicor Kinetic - Production Management - Kanban Lean Production

Epicor Kinetic Lean Production's Functionality

Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Manufacturing Without Work Orders

Manufacturing Without Work Orders

Manage several systems for Kanban control. As inventory levels or order demand requires an additional product, Kanbans, such as manufacturing real-time Kanbans, manufacturing flow Kanbans, purchasing real-time Kanbans, and stock replenishment Kanbans, are automatically requested. User-defined rules enable parts to be flagged for Kanban control at the part, warehouse, or individual bin or cell location level.


Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Real-time Purchase Kanban

Real-time Purchase Kanban

Use the real-time purchase Kanban to replenish directly from the supplier and notify purchasing that a stock replenishment is required. Automatically send an e-mail to the supplier requesting additional inventory against an open purchase contract. Inventory can be received at the main stores or the production floor. Real-time purchase Kanban automates material replenishment from vendors and provides visibility of current supply requests.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Real-time Manufacturing Kanban

Real-time Manufacturing Kanban

Eliminate work orders and reduce on-hand inventories as parts are electronically triggered for replenishment as needed with real-time manufacturing Kanbans.

Instead of planning for each order that is processed, parts are pulled through production as inventory or cell stocking levels fall below minimums. The cell is visually queued to produce based on the Kanban quantity for the part at its warehouse, bin or cell location.

Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Manufacturing Flow Kanban

Manufacturing Flow Kanban

View future demand to estimate future replenishment Kanbans with the manufacturing flow Kanban dynamically for downstream cells and suppliers. As Kanbans are acted on, the downstream demand requirement is dynamically updated. All cells and suppliers have up-to-date visibility of future demand.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Real-time Stock Replenishment Kanban

Real-time Stock Replenishment Kanban

Move inventory as it is needed in a particular manufacturing cell, shipping area, or customer consignment location with the real-time stock replenishment Kanban using automatic triggering of stocked inventory.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Lean Metrics

Lean Metrics

Indicate lean metrics by period, day, week, resource group, and even free-form parameters such as seasonal. Use the Production Activity tracker to dynamically evaluate the production activity for each resource group against the lean performance metrics you have established for your manufacturing processes.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Automated Material Flow

Automated Material Flow

Authorize supplying cells to make a predefined quantity of an item being “pulled“ by using operations.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Measurement of Production Activity Against Lean Performance Metrics

Measurement of Production Activity Against Lean Performance Metrics

Capture production data automatically through manufacturing center transactions and analyze it against any lean performance metrics you define.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Support for Hybrid Approaches to Lean

Support for Hybrid Approaches to Lean

Employ a phased approach to implementing lean practices for tracking material, MRP, and Kanban in a mixed environment. Migrate to lean while synchronizing MRP and Kanban execution.

Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Kanban Lean Production-Cell-Based Inventory

Cell-Based Inventory

Manage, plan, and replenish materials within a cell.

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