Customer Relationship Management

Outfitting your sales team with advanced, easy-to-use software is not just innovative; it is a matter of survival. Epicor ERP’s customer relationship management (CRM) module automates and manages an organization’s entire customer life cycle. For instance, it helps salespeople better understand leads, calculate opportunities and challenges, give management accurate revenue forecasts, and automate many administrative tasks. The bottom line is better-qualified prospects, shorter sales cycles, reduced lead-time, and more revenue.

Data V Tech - Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM?

Data V Tech - Customer Relationship Management - ERP Vietnam

In short, CRM is software that manages a business’s all interactions with customers. Initially, CRM innovations were designed explicitly for sales departments, and the original software is sometimes known as sales force automation (SFA). Then, software developers created more features for customer service interactions and marketing. In particular, a contact center came into life for the call center once the telephone became another customer service channel.

Gradually, software companies combined these applications to generate customer relationship management. Finally, some vendors integrated CRM as a module into an ERP system – a central, more extensive database.

CRM Benefits

With Epicor ERP’s CRM, marketers can manage and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and events. They can pinpoint targets, capture highly qualified leads, and perform cost/benefit and return on investment (ROI) analyses on promotional activities. Furthermore, a campaign manager can track lead volumes, opportunities, orders, and costs per campaign. Once a prospect becomes a lead, the CRM functionality also smoothly manages the entire sales process. Additional features are workflow and forecasting.

Data V Tech - Customer Relationship Management

CRM Module Features

Efficient Marketing Management

Epicor ERP’s CRM enables marketers to measure the success of marketing campaigns, understand target markets, and, as a result, improve communications to engage customers. Remarkably, all marketing activities occur on the same platform. 

Contact Management

Like a marketing data aggregation tool, Epicor ERP’s CRM module manages all customer contacts and, thus, improves the overall responsiveness and performance of the customer service and support department.

Seamless Campaign Connection

Epicor ERP is a powerful customer relationship management solution to any change communication demand in this constantly ever-changing world. In particular, the system allows users to quickly and efficiently implement focused communications and campaigns with minimal training.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Epicor ERP’s CRM module can track performance and productivity based on the activity logged in the system. This data aggregate is convertible into insights to generate reports, forecast, for instance, next-quarter sales, and analyze customer satisfaction. 

Case Management

Epicor ERP’s CRM module helps companies deliver first-rate service to customers while controlling costs with this functionality. The result? A strong ROI due to high customer satisfaction. Indeed, happy customers usually make additional purchases and generate new prospects and even leads through referrals.

Real-time Mobile Connection

This functionality increases the flexibility and efficiency of the sales team, sales reps, and call center reps in maintaining contact with customers and quickly responding to their needs. 

New Workforce Generation of Higher Flexibility

Consider how convenient and productive it would be for a salesperson to download customer information and work with it offline. Then, that same salesperson can add or update customer information from within Microsoft Office applications and from any location. After that, users can synchronize those changes in the CRM module with the Epicor ERP system when the internet is accessible.

Epicor Customer Relationship Management Demo

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