Customer Relationship Management


Outfitting your sales team with advanced, easy-to-use software is not just smart; it is a matter of survival. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides the tools you need to find more prospects and quickly convert them to satisfied customers.

Your salespeople can manage the complete prospect-to-customer life cycle, give accurate revenue forecasts to management and automate many administrative tasks. The bottom line is better-qualified prospects, shorter sales cycles, reduced lead-time, and more revenue.

With Epicor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you can manage and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and events. Marketers can pinpoint targets, capture highly qualified leads, and perform cost/benefit and return on investment (ROI) analyses on promotional activities. The campaign manager can track the number of leads, opportunities, orders, and costs per campaign. Once you have the lead, the CRM functionality helps manage the entire sales process more effectively. You can enjoy the features such as workflow and forecasting.


Contact Management

Comprehensive contact management is at the core of any effective CRM solution. It  makes keeping in touch with your customers and prospects easy by promoting responsive, respectful, and proactive communication.

Contact Management enhances your customer service by documenting and sharing customer communication with the entire organization. Furthermore, it helps manage contact interactions through task management. With Epicor CRM Contact Management you can improve overall responsiveness and focus by putting your contacts at the center of your business.

Store multiple contacts per organization by contact function. Track and report contact communication alongside entire organization activity.

Throughout Epicor Customer Relationship (CRM), the context menu for the Contact name field enables users to create a Customer or Service Call, Case, Lead/Opportunity/Quote, RMA, Sales Order, and Task. Users can also right-click to send an e-mail directly to contact; the e-mail program also lets attachments be added onto the e-mail.

Provides a visual indication that more data exists against a particular record or form behind calls, notes, comments, etc, the system will proactively let people know that more options exist. Typical data indicators would include icons (which link to the data) for events, holds, attachments and links.

Share information across departments regarding customer inquiries by entering detailed call and communication notes. Easily incorporate electronic communication in call history.

Maintain detailed call history against contacts regarding new opportunities with prospects or existing relationships with customers and share with the entire organization. Additionally, link attachments to each call record using the Call Log.

Easily generate follow-up tasks for key employees when communicating with individual contacts, customers or prospects. Provide each user their own task list that outlines their daily tasks.

E-mail customer or prospect contacts from within Epicor CRM, with e-mail details automatically stored as a call against the account.

Extend contact details to capture, track and report on customers, prospects and suspects.

Create, manage, monitor and control national accounts hierarchies to further manage winning customer relationships, with either hierarchical or parent/child structures. A parent Customer Tracker then provides a consolidated view of customer data across multiple customers and the Site/Ship-to tracker is similar in format.

Use standard editing tools like spell check and formatting to draft professional customer e-mail and letter communications. Use Microsoft standard cut-and-paste technology to easily manipulate text, and design e-mails using HTML or plain text formats based on the preferences of your audience.

Manage requirements for effective permission communication through structured opt-out controls that are enabled on either a campaign basis or globally for contacts. Additionally, allow respondents to determine whether they receive a text or HTML-based communications.

Epicor Information Worker synchronizes contacts, tasks, and calendars between Epicor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Microsoft Outlook.

Marketing Management

Seeking new, profitable customer relationship is challenging in today’s borderless world. Targeting your customers with the right programs and messages and retaining those customers can be your most powerful competitive weapon. Epicor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing Management enables you to measure the success of marketing campaigns, understand your target market, and improve communications.

With Epicor CRM, your marketers can pinpoint their targets and capture highly qualified leads. Furthermore, they can perform cost/benefit and return on investment (ROI) analysis on promotional activities more efficiently. In addition, they can use the campaign manager to track the number of leads, opportunities, orders, and costs per campaign. And, once you have the lead, Epicor CRM helps manage the entire sales process more effectively, with features such as workflow and forecasting.

Generate and manage a marketing campaign for tracking effectiveness and ROI of marketing programs or individual events.

Extract marketing lists based on any criteria such as customer type (i.e., suspect, prospect, customer) and other attributes including standard industrial classification (SIC) code, location, contact type, territory, etc. Automatically create telemarketing or sales follow ups. Automatically log an entry for customers when they are included in a marketing list. Marketing list import allows customer and contact information to be imported from external sources. De-duping capabilities allow the management of imported lists and the tidying up of the marketing database.

Campaign Connect

Campaign Connect makes marketing communication easy by managing the entire campaign cycle—from identifying and importing contacts, to creating targeted e-mails and corresponding Web landing pages. It delivers thorough reporting and analysis tools to help you build more targeted campaigns and its user-friendly experience enables you to quickly and easily implement focused communications and campaigns with minimal training.

Rapidly build sophisticated, personalized messages and newsletters for all mass e-mail communications both internally and externally.

Design e-mail promotions in HTML or plain text formats based on the preferences of your audience.

Build microsites to Web-enable your campaigns, and then gather detailed campaign analysis by monitoring the footprint and clickstream of your audience as they step through and link from the site.

Review detailed metrics regarding a campaign, down to the segment or broadcast, including individual response preferences.

Upload and store all contacts in a single universe for easy access and management.

Use a simple flat file import from a standard CSV or text file format for easy campaign generation. XML Web service and open database connectivity (ODBC) imports offer flexibility in data sources.

Manage requirements for effective permission marketing through structured opt-out controls that are enabled on a campaign basis or globally. Additionally, allow respondents to determine whether they receive a text or HTML-based communications.

Produce fast and easy campaigns with a consistent look using standard templates.

Utilize the power of your existing systems to generate more effective campaigns. By responding to previous purchases, requests or general demographics, you can generate targeted campaigns and optimize profits.

Create professional-looking broadcasts with ease. From banner ads to your custom Campaign Connect home page, your company can utilize the power of Campaign Connect to Web-enable your users.

Lead and Opportunity Management

The primary goal of many businesses is to grow their revenue. Whether your growth will come through attracting new customers or retaining existing ones, Epicor Customer Relationship (CRM) can help you. With Epicor CRM Lead and Opportunity Management, you can proactively manage your sales territories and the entire life cycle of all your opportunities. This functionality enables you to convert more prospects to customers, target the highest-value opportunities, and increase sales revenues.

Outfitting your sales team with advanced, easy-to-use software is not just smart; it’s a matter of survival. Epicor CRM comprises the tools you need to find more prospects and quickly convert them to satisfied customers. Your salespeople can manage the complete prospect-to-customer lifecycle, give accurate revenue forecasts to management and automate many administrative tasks. The bottom line? Better qualified prospects, shorter sales cycles, reduced lead time, and higher revenues.

Manage the sales team through a user-defined sales structure, pipeline management, and quota management. Automate key sales management functions such as territory management and region assignment of individual prospects.

Give office-based sales representatives and management a single view of all customer- and prospect-related information. This view helps you manage your pipeline, marketing, telemarketing, opportunities, orders, returns, service orders, contracts, jobs, calls, and tasks, as well as see all related information on a customer—from one place. A work to-do list also ensures that the salesperson is working on the right task at the right time.

Monitor every stage of the sales process, including parallel processes. Built-in workflow facilities ensure nothing is overlooked.

Manage incoming leads and assign to territory sales representatives. Track lead sources to identify successful advertising, events, or other campaign tactics. Analyze return on investment of lead generation activities. Easily convert a lead into a quote/opportunity with Quote Management.

Improve sales efficiency with structured sales processes, freeing up sales staff from administrative tasks. From account executive to sales engineer, identify all roles within the sales process and establish an action plan for each.

Create real-time quotations from simple requests for services and products through using engineering cost structures from existing products, same-as-except products, and new products. Manage quotation changes and re-quote opportunities within the same opportunity.

Easily convert an entire quotation to a sales order in one step.

Manage forecasts by opportunity probability, category and territory. Analyze sales quota and forecast at each level of the sales team.

Manage sales teams by analyzing performance at each level of the sales structure, from the regional level down to the representative level.

Analyze win/loss information by sales region, representative, opportunity category, or other criteria.

Synchronize essential Epicor CRM data with Microsoft Office to make salespeople more effective. Whether connected or disconnected, the sales staff has full access to prospect and customer information. It includes sales history within Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word. Quotations or estimates generated as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets use data direct from Epicor and update the system as required.

Case Management

Case management is an essential part of building better business. Improving the productivity and effectiveness of your support center leads to increased customer satisfaction. Epicor Customer Relationship (CRM) Case Management delivers solutions that help you deliver the first-rate service to your customers while controlling costs. The result? A strong return on investment through happy customers who make additional purchases and generate new business through referrals.

From initial call to resolution and follow-up, Case Management provides a customer-focused solution for personalized, high-quality service. This comprehensive one-stop solution enables your service team to manage the current caseload. Meanwhile, you can respond quickly to customers for industry-leading customer satisfaction.

The case management workbench connects with time-saving links to customer-focused activities (e.g., new quotes, orders, RMA requests, or service calls). In addition, there is a search-driven knowledge base and case-driven workflow for standardizing case resolution.

Case Management is fully integrated with Field Service, part of Epicor Service Management, for easy access to dispatching field activities and providing field service representatives access to online answer books, existing customer field service calls, warranty information, and service contracts.

Manage open caseload by status (e.g., open or under review) and allow support managers to assign outstanding cases. Review customers, quotes, orders, outstanding returned material authorization requests, field service calls, warranties, service contracts, and cases from a single case workbench.

Easily generate a quote, order, field service order, repair order, job, and RMA from a case, bringing the detail of the case into the new document.

Use case-specific details (e.g., part number, order number, service call reference or warranty reference) to inquire into and link directly to related information, optionally generating new transactions.

Inquire and report cases by user-defined categories.

Monitor every stage of the support process. Manage processes using a user-defined workflow that is case- or issue-specific, ensuring standardization of process and that nothing slips through the cracks.

Set up user-defined alerts to notify activities regarding service cases to management or specialized service employees.

Tap into enterprise-wide knowledge documents for fast customer case resolution. Link knowledge documents to cases for analysis.

Manage and record all customer interactions for enterprise-wide visibility of customer satisfaction. Link contacts related to a case for easy review of complete case history.

Manage and document communication between customer service or field service and the customer for enterprise-wide visibility of customer case and resolution.

Link documents and communication events such as e-mails to cases and calls.

Mobile Connect

Epicor customer relationship management (CRM) gives you control over your customer interactions: generating leads, developing opportunities and monitoring orders. Epicor CRM functionality is available from anywhere in the world. The Mobile Connect series incorporates a disconnected database, enabling you to work anywhere you can take your laptop. Using the Progress SonicMQ messaging engine, Mobile Connect consists of three components: Sales mConnect, Sales Engineer mConnect, and Hub mConnect.

Epicor Mobile Connect helps your sales representatives and sales engineers stay connected with their customers without requiring network connections.

  • Generate new opportunities or fine-tune existing quotations
  • Create and complete workflow tasks
  • Activate or process calls
  • Complete on-the-fly product configuration
  • Add new customers and contacts
  • Import customers and contacts
  • Edit existing customer or contact information
  • Produce marketing lists
  • View business activity monitor queries
  • Modify aging report formats
  • Secure the system so users can view only sales information assigned to their territory
  • Run the following reports:
    • Order backlog – Sales analysis
    • Scheduled shipments – Sales gross margin
    • Aged receivables – Quote form
    • Advance billing/deposit balance – Order form
    • Customer statements – Invoice form
  • Access the following types of information from

Epicor Trackers:

  • Aged receivables – Time-phased balances
  • Customer data – Invoice information
  • Project information – Quantities on-hand
  • Quotes, orders, jobs, and parts
  • Customer and miscellaneous shipments
  • Returned material authorizations (RMAs)

All the functionality of Sales mConnect is included, plus the ability to engineer entire BOMs. Use drag-and-drop functionality to add sub-assemblies, operations and materials, or incorporate parts on-the-fly.

Configure your remote sales office server with Hub mConnect, and multiple Mobile Connect users can access its database simultaneously. Individual Mobile Connect users don’t need to synchronize, because Hub mConnect does it all. And there’s no downtime due to lost connections to a remote database.

Mobile Connect provides full and light options for synchronizing your remote database with your primary Epicor database, ensuring data integrity and consistency, and fast and easy updates.

Information Worker

According to current industry surveys, desktop productivity tools are used by 95% of business workers, with Microsoft Office as the standard for desktop applications. Epicor Information Worker (IW) provides a secure, seamless interface to your CRM applications within Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word. Imagine the productivity and business visibility you will gain by using Epicor IW as an interface for both traditional and non-traditional Epicor users. Imagine having a 360-degree customer view within Microsoft Office.

No more toggling back and forth between Epicor and Microsoft Office. You can log outgoing and incoming customer e-mails automatically as Calls. Tasks and appointments are visible within Outlook or Epicor, enabling employees to share and view multiple calendars in Outlook.

Consider how convenient and productive it would be for a salesperson to download customer information and work with it offline. That same salesperson can add or update customer information from within Microsoft Office applications at any time and from any location. After that, it is also possible to synchronize those changes later with Internet access.