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Enhance your HR functions using Epicor ECM or DocStar‘s HR Automation tool. Our robust system simplifies tasks like employee onboarding, managing documents, and ensuring compliance. This enables businesses to improve HR procedures, boost employee satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency through automation.
HR Automation

What is HR Automation?

HR automation employs software to simplify manual HR duties, minimizing the necessity for human involvement. It enables HR departments to substitute traditional paper and systems with a unified automated platform for functions such as recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and performance management. This leads to heightened efficiency and precision, allowing HR professionals to liberate themselves from routine tasks and concentrate on strategic responsibilities.

Main Features of HR Automation

Employee Onboarding Automation

Employee Onboarding Automation

Automating the onboarding process includes streamlining tasks such as collecting and reviewing documents, scheduling orientations, and assigning tasks to ensure a seamless and effective onboarding process.

Document Management

Document Management

Centralizing and tracking employee documents, including resumes, contracts, and performance reviews, is made easier with secure storage, version control, and easy retrieval capabilities.
Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Compliance with HR regulations and policies is maintained by automating tasks such as tracking policy approvals, monitoring training completion, and generating audit trails.

HR Automation's Benefits

Implementing accounts payable automation greatly improves how your business handles invoice data, optimizing operations and nurturing stronger supplier connections while lowering expenses. Here are the main advantages:
Increased effectiveness

By simplifying repetitive and time-consuming tasks, HR professionals can focus their efforts on strategic endeavors such as improving employee retention. This shift in focus facilitates a better understanding of employee needs and fosters a work environment that is both more supportive and more efficient.

Error reduction

Automated processes bring precision to HR operations, eliminating common sources of human error. This increased accuracy increases operational efficiency and builds employee confidence in the reliability of the HR department.

Operational Streamlining
Legal Assurance

The use of automation makes it easier to respond quickly and accurately to inquiries from the Department of Labor. This allows various documents, such as complete employee records, to be instantly retrieved and emailed, even while on the phone. With this system, there’s no risk of misplacing any document, including unconventional sizes such as medical records.

Regulatory compliance

HR automation solutions continuously monitor and adapt to changes in regulations, helping to maintain compliance. Embedded security measures protect employee confidentiality as required by federal laws such as HIPAA. And because documents are stored electronically, they are immune to loss or damage.

Compliance Risk Mitigation
Enhanced Engagement

The automation of HR processes streamlines the onboarding of employees, improves communication, and fosters stronger engagement among staff. By eliminating tedious tasks, morale is uplifted, leading to improved retention rates.

Empowering Employees

The inclusion of self-service functionalities in HR tools empowers employees to oversee their personal data, manage leave requests, access benefits, and more. These features meet the increasing demand for tailored HR services, ultimately enhancing job satisfaction.

Enhance Employee Experience and Engagement

Automated HR processes adapt and expand as your business grows and evolves, without incurring additional costs or hiring more staff.

Increased flexibility

HR automation enables organizations to quickly adapt and integrate new processes to meet changing market conditions and employee demands. It fosters proactive, innovative teams by removing manual barriers and streamlining operations efficiently.

Business Expansion and Adaptability
Access to useful insights

Transitioning HR processes into digital formats enables the accessibility of previously hard-to-reach data. This information can guide decision-making by uncovering patterns, identifying obstacles, and pinpointing areas primed for organizational enhancement.

Fairness and uniformity assurance

Implementing automated HR procedures guarantees standardized processes across various stages, spanning from hiring to monitoring employee performance and conducting assessments. Consistency fosters an equitable, impartial atmosphere, fostering confidence among members of the organization.

Effective Data Management

Going green means moving to digital processes, which significantly reduces your organization’s reliance on paper and reduces waste. By reducing paper consumption, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and stay in line with evolving environmental regulations.

Cost efficiency

Going paperless reduces the costs associated with physical storage, shipping, and supplies. In addition, automation streamlines tasks, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the risk of costly errors.

Environment and Social Responsibility

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