Epicor ECM / DocStar

Epicor ECM / DocStar

Streamline Document Management with Ease

Effective document management is always essential for businesses. DocStar has emerged as a powerful solution, enabling organizations to efficiently capture, store, and retrieve electronic documents. With advanced functionalities like intelligent indexing, automated workflows, and collaborative tools, DocStar significantly boosts productivity, ensures compliance, and reduces costs. Discover the implementation and integration of DocStar with Kinetic – Epicor ERP – to access documents and streamline your processes effortlessly.
What is Epicor ECM or docstar

What is Epicor ECM or DocStar?

DocStar is a robust document management system that empowers businesses to capture, store, manage, and retrieve documents electronically. It eliminates the need for traditional paper-based document storage, enabling organizations to streamline their workflows, enhance productivity, and improve data accessibility and security.

DocStar's Main Features

Epicor ECM_DocStar_Document Capture

Document Capture

Capture documents quickly and accurately from various sources, including scanners, email, and file systems, with reliable support for automatic data extraction, optical character recognition (OCR), and intelligent indexing.
Epicor ECM_DocStar_Document Storage and Organization

Document Storage and Organization

Securely store documents in a centralized repository and eliminate the risk of misplacement or loss. Quickly locate and access documents based on custom metadata tags, keywords, or full-text search with advanced search and retrieval capabilities.
Epicor ECM_DocStar_Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automate document-centric processes, such as approvals, reviews, and notifications. Create customized workflows, define routing rules, and set up alerts to reduce manual intervention and ensure efficient document management.

Epicor ECM_DocStar_Collaboration and Sharing

Collaboration and Sharing

Simultaneously access and work on documents to better collaborate within your team with version control, audit trails, and secure sharing options.

Epicor ECM_DocStar_Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security

Comply with industry regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, using access controls, user permissions, and document retention policies. Protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or data breaches with a secure document storage and transmission environment.

Who needs Docstar

Who needs DocStar?

DocStar is beneficial for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. It is helpful for organizations that deal with a high volume of documents, such as legal firms, healthcare providers, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, and government agencies. DocStar streamlines document-intensive processes, improves data accuracy, and enhances operational efficiency.

Why do businesses choose DocStar?

Epicor ECM_DocStar_Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

DocStar eliminates manual document handling, reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, and enables employees to focus on core business activities.
Epicor ECM_DocStar_Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

The system facilitates seamless collaboration among teams, departments, and external stakeholders, enhancing productivity and decision-making.
Epicor ECM_DocStar_Cost Savings

Cost Savings

By transitioning from paper-based document management to an electronic system, businesses save on printing, storage, and document retrieval costs.
Epicor ECM_DocStar_Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance

DocStar’s robust security features and audit trails ensure compliance with industry regulations and safeguard sensitive information.
Epicor ECM_DocStar_Scalability and Integration

Scalability and Integration

DocStar can grow alongside businesses, accommodating increasing document volumes and integrating with existing software systems, including Epicor ERP.

How to implement DocStar?


Needs Assessment

Identify your organization’s document management requirements and objectives.

System Configuration

Customize DocStar to align with your organization’s specific workflows, metadata requirements, and security policies.

Data Migration

Transfer existing documents from physical or digital formats into the DocStar system, ensuring data integrity and proper indexing.

User Training

Provide comprehensive training to employees on using DocStar effectively, including document capture, retrieval, and workflow automation.

Testing and Deployment

Thoroughly test the system to ensure it meets your business requirements and deploy it across the organization.
How to integrate DocStar into Epicor ERP

How to integrate DocStar into Epicor ERP?

Integrating DocStar with Epicor ERP maximizes the benefits of both systems. The integration allows seamless access to documents directly from the Epicor ERP interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. Documents related to orders, invoices, contracts, and other transactions can be easily retrieved and associated with specific records in Epicor ERP, improving data visibility and streamlining processes.

Steps to integrate DocStar into Epicor Kinetic


Consult Epicor and DocStar experts to understand the integration requirements and best practices.

Establish the necessary connectivity between the two systems, ensuring data synchronization and secure communication.

Customize the integration to align with your organization’s document management and ERP needs.

Test the integration thoroughly to verify data accuracy, seamless document retrieval, and workflow automation.

Train employees on accessing and utilizing DocStar features within the Epicor ERP environment.

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