Quality Assurance

Consistent Quality Standards-High Customer Satisfaction

Extend your solution with the Quality Assurance module to ensure that you gain complete visibility into your quality operations from a top-down view down to the individual item level. Tie together all quality functions, whether it’s scrapping end parts, rejecting raw materials, or tracking first article inspections. Fulfill all demands through accurate costings using Epicor Kinetic.
Epicor Kinetic - Production Management - Quality Assurance

Epicor Kinetic Quality Assurance's functionality

Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Collaborative Quality-Data V Tech

Collaborative Quality

Use Collaborate with quality groups, including engineering, production, and sourcing, to enable quality events to be resolved faster, and long-term quality improves as a result of this collaboration. The cost of quality is also reduced dramatically.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Inspection Workbench

Inspection Workbench

Monitor WIP, review all inspections in priority, and automatically take action on those requirements from the inspection workbench. Move past parts back to jobs and failed parts into discrepant material report (DMR) processing or scrap them.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Nonconformant Records

Nonconformant Records

Create a nonconformant record (NCR) for all nonconformant parts. From a job, shop floor employees automatically create an NCR when scraping an end part or raw material. Inventory personnel makes an NCR when they scrap parts from inventory.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Non-Netting Bins

Non-Netting Bins

Use non-nettable bins to keep parts undergoing inspection or on-hand quantities.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Discrepant Material Report Processing

Discrepant Material Report Processing

After failing inspection, create a DMR to provide the MRB with an online queue of parts that must be dispositioned.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Corrective Action

Corrective Action

Create and track all preventive and corrective actions online. With due dates, audit sign-offs, and unlimited comments, corrective actions provide for follow-up of quality issues.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Material Review Board-Data V Tech

Material Review Board

Dispose of parts by an MRB after they fail inspection. The online documentation provides an audit trail of MRB actions.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality

Generate cost of quality reports to identify how much quality problems are costing, whether parts are scrapped from inventory, a job, or a receipt inspection.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Compliance

Check for Certificates of Compliance, such as Certificates of Analysis (COA), Certificates of Quality (COQ), or Certificates of Compliance, when receiving materials from suppliers or in-process parts from outside operation suppliers and before shipping products to customers.

Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Debit Memos

Debit Memos

Create a debit memo in DMR processing, and it is automatically tied to accounts payable.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Audit Trails

Audit Trails

View inventory transaction details in inspection and DMR processing with the material transaction detail report.
Epicor Kinetic-Quality Assurance-Packing Slips

Packing Slips

Print a customizable packing slip for all parts returned.

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