Advanced Production

More Effortless Scheduling, Tracking, and Reporting on the Plant Floor

Epicor Kinetic‘s Advanced Production deploys batching technology, enabling users to group multiple parts or operations for key production processes. This batching process results in a single reporting entity or job for simplified scheduling, tracking, and reporting of labor and materials on the plant floor. It is available in Epicor’s job planning and resource scheduling functions, with both planned and “on-the-fly” grouping flexibility to end-users. Users can also select to plan operations sequentially – one operation after another or concurrently – to be complete simultaneously for nested operations.
Epicor Kinetic - Production Management - Advanced Production

Epicor Kinetic Advanced Production's Functionality

Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Support For Co-Product Production

Support For Co-Product Production

Offers simplified production of co- or dependent products in the same production run.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Support for Nested Product Production

Support for Nested Product Production

Offers simplified production of nested or products of the same material or process in the same production run.

Integration to nesting software solutions available with Epicor NestLink, a real-time bidirectional, and fully automated nesting job integration to Kinetic.

Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Part and Operation Batching

Part and Operation Batching

Easily link multiple operations from the same part or different parts to be run either sequentially or concurrently.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Visibility of Production Batching

Visibility of Production Batching

Single source production enables full visibility and tracking of source operations and parts.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Accurate Cost Control

Accurate Cost Control

Material and production costs can be applied accurately to multiple jobs as production is complete. Simplified labor entry allows plant floor employees to enter quantities for multiple parts in a single step.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Simplified Plant Floor Interface

Simplified Plant Floor Interface

Single reporting entity enables multiple part quantities to be entered in a single plant floor interface while accurate labor and burden cost is accurately applied to each batched part and operation.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Concurrent or Subsequent Flexibility

Concurrent or Subsequent Flexibility

The user can select to either link parts and operations subsequently – to be run one after another or concurrently – at the same time.
Epicor Kinetic-Production Management-Advanced Production-Single or Multiple Operations

Single or Multiple Operations

The user can select either a single operation for linking or to link an entire job.

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