Connect Shopify with Epicor

Benefits of the seamless and secure integration between Epicor Kinetic and Shopify

Here are the reasons why businesses come to Data V Tech to request an Epicor and Shopify integration:

  • Updating a customer in Epicor Kinetic (ERP) will trigger a corresponding update in Shopify. Conversely, updating or creating a customer in Shopify triggers an update in Kinetic; if the customer does not exist in Epicor ERP, it is created.
  • Changes to an Epicor inventory part result in an update to the corresponding Shopify product inventory. If the product is not found in Shopify, it is created first and then updated inventory.
  • When a new order is placed in Shopify, a sales order is created in Epicor if the customer and part exist in Epicor. If not, they are created first and then the sales order is created in Epicor.
  • A shipment is created in Shopify when the part fulfilment status is marked as “shipped” in Epicor. The Shopify order is marked as complete when all items in the order have shipped.
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Why Choose Data V Tech Solutions for Integrating Shopify with Epicor Kinetic?

Extensive Expertise

Our professionals bring a vast amount of experience and a comprehensive understanding of ERP system implementations. (Our customer success stories.)

Adherence to Industry Standards

Our track record of successful projects demonstrates our ability to adhere to industry standards and deliver high-quality solutions. We tailor our top-tier practices and adaptable solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our extensive industry experience spans chemical manufacturing, metal fabrication, fasteners and fixtures, oil and gas, rubber and plastics production, and eCommerce. We are dedicated to maintaining excellence in all our endeavors.

Partnering with Data V Tech Solutions as your Epicor partner means teaming up with experts committed to streamlining your business processes and boosting overall efficiency.
Discover the Data V Tech Advantage and take your business to new heights with Epicor Kinetic!

Shopify Integration with Epicor Kinetic

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