Epicor Advanced MES

Manufacturing Execution System for efficiency increase and quality improvements

Are you a Kinetic manufacturer? Do you want to increase efficiency and reduce costs to a new level while still complying with all requirements? Are you ready for a new tool to achieve these goals? Let’s discover our Epicor Advanced MES – the outcome of over 20 years of accumulating and refining the best practices in the rubber, plastics, automotive, and metals industries!
Epicor Advaced MES - Mattec - Data V Tech

What is Epicor Advanced MES?

Epicor Advanced MES, formerly known as Mattec, is a manufacturing execution system (MES) connecting your machines on the shop floor. As a computerized assistant tracking and documenting raw materials’ transformation into finished goods in real-time, it enables the management in manufacturing to make informed, effective decisions.

While it is out-of-the-box and highly configurable, you can enjoy its full extendability. That means Epicor Advanced MES’s implementation and extension can take place rapidly, minimizing production disruption and unexpected significant surcharges.

Epicor Advanced MES's Main Features

Data V Tech - Epicor Advanced MES production monitoring

Production Monitoring

Automatic data collector from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real-time to monitor uptime/downtime, actual cycle times, and scrap.
Data V Tech - Epicor Advanced MES Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Robust energy monitor based on analysis of machines, jobs, shifts, or products to optimize energy consumption and maintain production without compromising quality.
Data V Tech - Epicor Advanced MES - Planning and Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling

A powerful tool to view the real-time statuses of machines and tools, adjust schedules rapidly, solve tool conflicts, forecast labor and material requirements, and even automate all those actions.
Data V Tech - Epicor manufacturing execution system - Quality Management

Quality Management

Statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) monitoring cycles and machines 24/7, automatically qualifying or rejecting parts and alarming users in case of violations.
Data V Tech - Epicor manufacturing execution system - Visibility, Reporting, and Analysis

Visibility, Reporting, and Analysis

Real-time complete visibility of the plant floor + Accurate and instant reports of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), efficiency and production metrics + Excellent predictive downtime and scrap analytics tool.
Data V Tech - Epicor manufacturing execution system - Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

A robust instrument to predict the needs, automatically generate MRO tasks, schedule maintenance for machines and auxiliary assets regarding runtimes, cycles, or times, alert, and report asset statuses in real-time.
Data V Tech - Epicor manufacturing execution software - Monitoring, Data, and Communications

Monitoring, Data, and Communications

A critical stimulator of communication effectiveness by automating alerts, messaging, and escalation and accelerating response and resolution.

More Highlights

Continuous Improvement Integration

Epicor Advanced MES is industry-specific. Here are multiple (nonexclusive) management principles or paradigms you can effortlessly integrate into the system:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Standard and custom continuous improvement (CI) Metrics
  • OEE, asset utilization, capacity utilization
  • Mean time between failures (MBTF)
  • Minor stops per runtime hour (MS/RH)
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Root cause factors
Continuous Improvement Integration
Data V Tech - Epicor Manufacturing Execution System - Business Architecture

Business Architecture

Epicor Advanced MES collects digital and analog machine signals straight from sensors and PLCs.

The current versions are Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

It is highly configurable with Epicor Kinetic, and the interface is bidirectional between the two systems.

Are Mattec and Epicor Kinetic MES the same?

The short answer is no. They both are manufacturing execution systems but operate pretty distinctively.

Mattec or Epicor Advanced MES is a separate system configurable with Kinetic. Meanwhile, MES is one function module among numerous others within the comprehensive Kinetic ERP software.

Integrating the two creates a supreme manufacturing tool. It then automates all communications and empowers decision-making with the most accurate, real-time data.

Compare Mattec vs. Kinetic MES

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