Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar)

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar)

What is Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar)?

Epicor Enterprise Content Management – ECM (formerly DocStar) is a scalable, strategic solution enabling secure content management – from capture to destruction. This tool is implementable on-premise or on the cloud. It has been one of the most popular complementary solutions integrated into the Epicor ERP system in Vietnam.

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Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) Benefits

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Content management with high security

  • Significant cost reduction and productivity enhancement
  • Increase in cross-functional cooperation
  • Improvement in content visualization to make prompt, smart decisions
  • Opportunity to foster and strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees thanks to higher responsiveness
  • Complete elimination of manual data entry after integration into Epicor ERP

Flexibility, scalability, and higher return on investment

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) solves all the bottlenecks that a common document management system (DMS) fails to address. It supports enterprises in achieving remarkably RoI by allowing them to:

  • Capture and manage all types of content, including PDF, e-mail, video, HTML, among many others
  • Access from anywhere to upload, download, or conduct other tasks with contents
  • Process contents quickly and efficiently with an automatic procedure

Data V Tech | Epicor ECM | DocStar Lợi ích

Data V Tech | Epicor ECM | DocStar Lợi ích

User-friendly, compact business solution

With the robust, easy-to-use Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar), all departments, especially Human Resources, can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Users can effortlessly:

  • Add any content files from any devices from anywhere worldwide
  • Automate data entry and workflows
  • Track and control all content changes in real-time
  • Search and find data swiftly
  • Determine and apply high data security standards and ensure their compliance within the business

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) Features

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) is integrable into Epicor ERP.

The tool automatically captures critical data for classification, comparison, error reduction, and indexation. As a result, users can gain more valuable business insights to improve productivity.

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) tracks and controls versions in real-time by overviewing all inputs and outputs.

With Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar), users have multiple search options to find a file within a few seconds.

Users can customize accessibility to some content to ensure security and privacy.

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) allows users to capture content from any devices, such as MFP, smartphones, tablets, or computers, from anywhere around the world.

Users can create, customize, and streamline workflows effortlessly, significantly automating accurate document routing.

Epicor ECM (formerly DocStar) automatically saves data and all data security policies.

Users can decide to implement this intelligent tool on-premise or on the cloud.

All data forms are accessible everywhere, every time, and from any device.

Data V Tech is Epicor’s authorized and most experienced partner in Vietnam. Remarkably, we can localize Epicor ERP’s implementation within a fascinating duration and for competitive consulting costs. Furthermore, Data V Tech has developed various complementary add-ons on mobile beyond Epicor ERP’s available benefits to assist enterprises in every workplace corner. 

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