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top rated ERP 2019

Epicor among Top Rated ERP Solutions for 2019

On March 6th 2019, TrustRadius released the top rated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions for 2019 based on evaluations of 23,900 TrustRadius users in the past quarter. Proudly, Epicor ERP was ranked the 5th position among multiple other software.

Users’ reviews so far have showed Epicor ERP is an ideal solution for the manufacturing industry. This software provides solutions in accounting, inventory control, CRM, project management, HCM, business intelligence, supply chain and production management, risk management, and asset management. Its aims are to help enterprises increase profitability, enhance productivity, and manage growth.

72% TrustRadius reviewers using Epicor ERP work for mid-sized companies. They value “Epicor’s immediate access to source data, low-maintenance cloud hosting option, and responsive customer support team.”


top rated ERP 2019

Epicor ERP, a great choice for manufacturing companies.

[Our company] uses Epicor ERP across all departments here at Baxter. We are able to do Sales, manage our inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, and handle all functions of accounting using Epicor. We made the decision to go with Epicor in 2008, and went live on January 1, 2010. We have upgraded the software a few times and love the improvements that Epicor continues to make with the software.


Jack PennypackerNetwork Administrator III - Baxter Manufacturing

Epicor Cheerleader.

Currently use Epicor ERP in all of our manufacturing, customer service, finance and engineering departments, some sales also included. Our next phase is to merge Epicor with Salesforce to have it be more seamless.

Verified UserC-Level Executive in Finance and Accounting - Maritime Company

Top rated ERP 2019 – Information for future users

Analysis shows what TrustRadius visitors care the most are product reviews and comparisons. Particularly, 56% read end-users’ feedback while 38% compared between at least two solutions. Such information then helps next buyers make better informed decision when purchasing a product.

Criteria to be top rated ERP software

Here are criteria to become top rated ERP software 2019: Firstly, the products must appear in the top level of their category TrustMap by February 13th, 2019. Then they must receive at least 10 reviews published within the past year with a satisfaction score of at least 7.5/10. Furthermore, they must share at least 1.5% of the traffic in the category.

TrustRadius verifies every reviewer and vets every review before publication. Then the platform marks the products on the TrustMap based on end-user data. Furthermore, the decisive elements are scores of users’ likelihood to recommend and buyer research patterns.

Business Automation

Business Automation Software

Banking ERP

  • Increased visibility and information accuracy through seamless integration of front office, back office and finance systems.
  • Improved cash position through a reduction of manual, duplicate or erroneous payables transactions.
  • Reduction of administrative burden linked to improved efficiency and lower costs with financial systems that enable operations without the need to increase headcount.
  • Improved planning with integrated and flexible reporting, budgeting and forecasting solutions.
  • Increased business predictability from trusted and transparent management reporting and analysis.
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Regional Banking Software

With award-winning integrated applications, Epicor for Financial Services is a powerful business automation software solution that provides the flexibility and visibility you need to grow your company profitably by optimizing your most important resources. ERP for financial services is within your reach.

Data V Tech Automated Monitoring System

Data V Tech IoT AMS – Automated Monitoring EcoSystem

Advance Machine Monitoring System & Preventative Maintenance is the key to improve productivity, reduce losses and increase profits

In today’s economy, manufacturing industries across the world are more competitive now than ever.  Manufacturers need to get every advantage they can to keep up with the competition. If you are already the leader amongst your competition, then you must continually improve and adapt to change to be in the forefront.

Manufacturing companies now are thinking and moving along the same lines. For companies that are already practicing lean manufacturing techniques are turning to machine monitoring systems to help them with their production planning, resource scheduling and most importantly minimizing machine downtown.


Get started with Data V Tech AMS today!

See real time machine status and production information on the shop floor

Data V Tech AMS collects real-time data to minimize production downtime and improve productivity


  • Built-in advanced M4K 32-Bit micro controllers with high-throughput Bus matrix with high speed concurrent access to I/O.Collect machine data with AMS MIU via input sensors including speed, temperatures, vibrations, and more.
  • Collect machine data with AMS MIU via input sensors including speed, temperatures, vibrations, and more..
  • Increase more Input/Outputs (max 48) via add-on expansion boards.
  • Monitor real time production data and machine status.
  • AMS monitors and feeds performance data of machines in realtime and 24/7 basis and via AMS Web Interface, data is captured and stored in online Portal
  • Access to AMS online personalised dashboard of performance of manufacturing plant anywhere, anytime, on any mobile or desk top device.
  • Collecting machine performance data via input sensors for each attribute including speed, temperatures, load and more
  • Measure Machine performance – providing real time date on machine utilisation, good parts produced, scrap and downtime
  • Real-time visual color-coded machine operational status
  • Real-time Job status at factory floor – WIP jobs, scheduled jobs pipeline
  • Real-time Dashboard for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


  • Enterprise Tracking shop floor efficiency with day, shift, machine, downtime, work center, job, part
  • Eliminate paper based Manufacturing Job Planning and scheduling
  • Eliminate Job Planning and Scheduling problems with “out of service” machine
  • Avoid costly repairs resulting from over-used or misused equipment
  • Improved visibility of all costs associated with equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul MRO downtime

Real-time insight for better production and business performance


Data V Tech AMS Advance Monitoring Software

Display devices information

List of devices

List of devices

Device Type settings

List of users

Process sensors:

Choose a wide of sensors to suit your monitoring needs