Epicor Upgrades


Over the years, our consultants have guided many clients from chaotic and inefficiency outdated ERP system — or no system at all — to an integrated and powerful business system, supporting the execution of the company’s strategies and monitoring and reporting of results thereof. We will share, for your benefit, our hard-earned experience and knowledge on industry best-practices, and work with you to map out a journey to bring your company’s unique way of doing business to the next level.

upgradeThe challenges that you currently face may best be described by one or two of the following statements:
• The current system has outlived its purpose and is no longer able to handle the current mode and scale of business.
• Working with many unconnected Excel and Access data stores, email chains, triple data entry and involving lots of paperwork.
• Having to work and manage multiple integrated unique systems.
• Currently working on older versions of Epicor or other outdated ERP systems.

Whatever your current challenges might be, implementing Epicor 10 will go a long way to relief and effectively address them.

At Data V Tech, our lead consultants have worked with many clients in these situations before and have successfully helped our clients to build their desired ERP system they deserve.


Contact us when you’re ready to start, or simply have a few questions or points to clarify. We would be happy to help.