Epicor Upgrade

Epicor ERP upgrade is usually recommendable whenever you purchase this solution. Notably, the newest version of this software (10.2.700 to date) has proved to stand out due to its more powerful features and cost of implementation.

ERP upgrade

Here are some situations when you should upgrade your Epicor system:

  • The current system has outlived its purpose and is no longer able to handle the current mode and scale of the business.
  • You work with numerous separate Excel and Access data stores, email chains, and triple data entry, involving a heap of paperwork.
  • You must manage multiple unique systems.
  • You are currently working on older versions of Epicor or other outdated ERP systems.

Assess the enterprise’s status quo by asking these questions:

  • How long have you been using the present ERP system?
  • Have you been able to do your tasks more seamlessly recently?
  • Where in the system is problematic to you?
  • Can your IT consultants solve these problems?

It is probably time to seek professional support to upgrade the software if these questions remain unsolved.

epicor upgrade

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