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Epicor Mattec MES solution for manufacturing

Discrete manufacturers around the world and particularly in Vietnam use Epicor Mattec Manufacturing Executive System – MES – solution to improve quality, reduce scrap, on-time delivery, and boost production throughput. It’s all about improving production execution and performance efficiency to gain a competitive advantage. How do you make more without more assets? Uncover and eliminate downtime…to make more parts or cut costs. MES can improve profitability by helping you find more capacity.

What will you do with more capacity? Use it to grow your business. Or, boost your financial performance. Either way, “making more” is very good for your business.

Epicor Mattec MES collects data directly from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real-time, minimizing inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection. With the information in your hands “right now” you can become proactive, and anticipate and solve production problems before they happen. Real-time insight helps you pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service. Everyone in the plant and throughout the business can take action to improve manufacturing performance.

To get more out of your manufacturing operations, and more for your business, get the MES system that automatically monitors machines and analyzes production and performance data 24×7.

Designed for your industry (more)

Epicor Mattec MES solution was designed with your industry in mind. With its origin in Rubber, Plastics, Automotive, and the Metals industry Epicor Mattec have over 20 years of domain and industry best practice built in yet offers you the flexibility to be agile to changing demands and requirements. Epicor Mattec is an out of the box configurable MES solution that enables rapid implementation while still being fully extensible to meet the most demanding requirements.

Deployed your way (more)

You can get started right away…its often only weeks between deployments and gaining real-time production and performance agility for your organization. ROI is rapidly achieved and software tools for every level of the organization, and operations, and business results. Epicor makes it easy to get there, no matter how timeworn or modern, and Mattec uses machine interface units (MIUs), open connectivity protocol (OPC), programmable logic control (PLC), and personal computer (PC) interfaces.

Monitoring, data, and communication (more)

The shop floor is a real-time environment—so your MES should be real-time too. Things happen and change instantly. Sometimes a machine was down just a few minutes more than you thought, or perhaps the scrap or part count is off— just a couple of pieces can mean the difference between a happy or frustrated customer. Real-time, automatic production monitoring and process monitoring with Epicor Mattec keeps your business on-track and eliminates the ripple effect to customers and vendors. We’re here to help you re-connect the shop floor with 24x7x365 monitoring—data directly from the machine— and turn it into information for the shop and management, automatic notifications when and how you need them, and data to feed the rest of your Mattec system and your business.

Visibility, reporting, and analysis (more)

From the “top floor to the shop floor”, it’s important to know the score, every minute of every shift, every day of the year. That’s why Epicor built a powerful out-of-the-box reporting and analytics system and delivers it in easy-to-digest dials, graphs, and charts. Mattec scoreboards and displays empower front-line professionals to take action and make improvements instantly, without having to wait for days or weeks to find out how they’re doing, or if they face machine or tool problems. Maintenance, quality, and other operations stakeholders have facts in-hand to support their recommendations, and management has what they need to understand tradeoffs from every angle. Epicor Mattec MES delivers a comprehensive picture of production, from the top floor to the shop floor.

Real-time planning and scheduling (more)

Does your production schedule ever change on-the-fly? Shift supervisors probably wrestle with it every day, even when things are running smoothly. With the Epicor Mattec click-and drag production schedule, you can change instantly based on new requirements, or watch the schedule update and adjust automatically based on actual machine speeds, production counts, equipment status, conditions, or job specifications. Epicor makes it easy to plan by showing line availability based on machine/part/tool compatibility, and the system shows you optimal plans based on prior part performance. What-if analysis combined with built-in machine capacity planning and labor and material forecasting makes Mattec the first-choice in MES. You can look to Epicor Mattec to do all your production planning and scheduling, or integrate it with any other MRP and/or ERP (e.g. Epicor ERP) to enhance its powerful capabilities.

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