Epicor CADLink

Engineers can use CADLink to produce records of Epicor Item Master and BOM. The outcome can be identical to engineering CAD data, and the process can take place within only a few clicks. Furthermore, this solution also helps avoid duplication. Thus, it reduces errors of manual data entries. Last but not least, the faster drawing process enhances the speed of the whole production chain, and consequently, you can boost your enterprise’s production simply by some clicks.

epicor cadlink

Increase the speed of data flow from sales to engineering, procurement, and manufacturing. Streamlining the entire product development process by integrating your CAD system and your Epicor ERP solution gives you the edge in the competitive market. This eliminates all the burdens you face from having disparate systems, allowing engineers to focus on the designs and innovation.

Keeping your Epicor engineering data accurate and synchronized with your engineering drawings and models is critical.

With CADLink, you will see significant improvements in production speed, on-time shipments, and accuracy of Epicor engineering data with reductions in engineering cost scrapped parts, and shop floor confusions.