Marketing Software

Advertising Software

  • Linking everyone involved with a client initiative including external resources and freelancers;
  • Managing new pitches alongside ongoing client relationships with account management facilities that provide a unified view of the client relationship;
  • Capturing opportunity and job budgets, handling work in progress and revenue recognition together with rate cards on a client, job or even work code basis;
  • Fully integrated to help maximize billable hours and reduce leakage for increased revenue and profits;
  • Removal of redundant administrative processes and related costs resulting in greater efficiencies and additional productive hours;
  • Increased business agility through comprehensive business process management and workflow orchestration.

Whether your agency is a promising start-up, filing for IPO, or an established player within a branded network, Epicor for Service Enterprises can provide the tools to help you manage rapid growth, become more efficient and realize your business vision.

Communications Software

Epicor for Service Enterprises provides your platform for success by delivering a comprehensive closed-loop solution supporting the five key service-centric processes behind all marketing, advertising, and communications agencies: winning the business, resourcing jobs effectively, managing engagement delivery, streamlining financial operations and regulatory compliance, and analyzing business performance.

With Epicor for Service Enterprises, you can anticipate improvements in efficiency, job control, fee card realization, client satisfaction, and overall visibility resulting in more profitable engagements.

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Data V Tech is Epicor’s Authorized Partner with over 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific. We provide well-timed implementation with full support for software localization. As a one-stop shop, we offer complete solutions for manufacturing, trading, and distribution businesses. Our products and services range from mobile applications to e-commerce and direct machine data integrations to Epicor Kinetic (ERP) software (accessible on the cloud, hosted servers, and on-premises).