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Epicor ITSM


Epicor ITSM Incident Management

When an incident occurs, the goal of the service desk is to restore normal operation as quickly as possible. At the service desk, all incoming incidents are registered in Epicor TSM and prioritized and incidents that require a specialist can be immediately escalated to the correct people. Incidents received by e-mail or the Web are registered automatically. Service desk customers can monitor their incident progress via e-mail or online. A knowledge base system allows service desks to build up a searchable set of knowledge and re-use that knowledge—allowing less experienced technicians to answer difficult questions that have been answered before.

Epicor ITSM Change Management

Epicor ITSM helps organizations make changes to the IT infrastructure in a controlled way. Whether the change is required to solve a problem or it is the integration of a new system into your existing IT infrastructure, Epicor ITSM provides a method for requesting the appropriate change, ensuring it receives appropriate approvals and also tracks how long it takes to implement the change. ITSM provides your employees (including Change Approval Board members) with goal-oriented options for implementing a change in a controlled fashion.

Epicor ITSM Configuration Management

With Epicor ITSM you can get detailed insight into your IT infrastructure assets. You can easily track your hardware, software and other IT infrastructure components within ITSM. Thanks to the total overview of information, your service desk can operate effectively and efficiently, saving time for the service desk and money for the organization.

Epicor ITSM also offers you the opportunity to record financial data associated with configurations and products. Purchase value, depreciation term, value after depreciation, warranty date and installation date are captured and tracked. In addition, it’s possible to allocate costs to budget holders, departments, sister companies etc. In short, ITSM makes IT costs transparent.

Epicor ITSM Problem Management

A structural problem leads to incidents and therefore to new or repeating calls. Epicor ITSM will not allow incidents to be solved without their underlying cause being eliminated. ITSM allows you to link several incidents to a problem, and once the problem has been solved and closed; all related incidents can be automatically closed.

Epicor ITSM Service Level Management

The level of service provision can be measured by recording service agreements and costs in ITSM. This allows you to offer precisely the correct level of service. It’s possible to record Service Level Agreements (SLA) per configuration or per contact (end user or department). When an incident or problem is accepted, the applicable SLA can be consulted. The response times included in the SLA are used to monitor the queuing and lead times for you.

Comprehensive IT Service Management Solution

Aside from providing suites for those five services area, Epicor ITSM provides a self-service portal using Microsoft SharePoint technologies, business intelligence using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services technology and IT Operations Management (ITOM) with integration to Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer. The entire solution is built using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET Framework.

Epicor ERP is accessible on the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Moreover, it is customizable according to each industry and needs the support and high expertise of Epicor’s local consultants.

Data V Tech is Epicor’s authorized and most experienced partner in Vietnam. Remarkably, we can localize Epicor ERP’s implementation within a fascinating duration and for competitive consulting costs. Furthermore, Data V Tech has developed various complementary add-ons on mobile beyond Epicor ERP’s available benefits to assist enterprises in every workplace corner.

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