Automotive Service and Repair

Each day, thousands of consumers entrust their vehicles to independent automotive repair shops and service chains with the understanding that all required maintenance and repairs will be completed by 5:00 p.m. the same day.

Epicor ERP software solution for automotive service and repairThis “5 o’clock promise”—the unique ability to offer same-day diagnosis, parts procurement, and repair for any of hundreds of potential mechanical issues—is the hallmark of the automotive aftermarket.

Service dealers and chains continually explore new ways to accelerate the repair experience and, in doing so, maximize their productivity and profitability. Epicor is presenting to the automotive service and repair world a solution.

Parts and Labor On-Demand

Thanks to industry-leading Epicor parts, service intervals, labor estimating, and other data products, vehicle service professionals can begin the repair process virtually the minute the customer walks in the door.

Epicor ERP software for automotive service and repair solutionIn addition, many shop management systems enable service writers to quickly lookup prices and order virtually any replacement part through Epicor eCatalog data.

Last but not least, Epicor stands out among numerous solutions for automotive service and repair since it has been adjusted and improved continuously for several decades. Likewise, the product database has been continuously developed.