Distinctive Value

Epicor is distinguished by superior solutions, services, people, and experience.

  • Proven success – At Epicor, we know that our success depends on ensuring yours. We have met the goal consistently on behalf of our clients by developing and applying solutions that are perfectly aligned with their specific needs and changing requirements.
  • Trusted professionals – Our 800+ retail professionals have been selected for their in-depth expertise with retail processes, businesses and technology, and their ability to deliver optimal solutions with highly personalized services.
  • Advanced solutions – Epicor provides leading solutions for every critical retail operation, including the number one POS solution used by more soft goods and specialty retailers than any other in North America.
  • Thousands of loyal retailers – Epicor Retail solutions are trusted by top regional, national, and international retailers to streamline processes, integrate channels, leverage intelligence, and inspire customers to maximize profitability.
  • Solid corporate performance – Since our inception in 1984, Epicor has demonstrated consistent growth and profitability.
  • One-stop shopping – With Epicor, you have ready access to solutions for all processes, services for every need, and expertise for every challenge— with a single point of accountability.
  • Proactive client relations – Epicor maintains close partnerships with our clients through direct links to our professionals; product user forums and advisory boards; case studies, communications, and publications; and an annual client conference.
  • Leading industry partners – As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Epicor is at the forefront of leveraging the power of Microsoft .NET and other leading technologies in retail applications and works closely with Microsoft and other industry-leading companies to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.


Ranked #1 for POS software for both soft goods and hard goods1, Epicor Retail Store inspires retailers to build lasting competitive advantage. By performing smarter, faster, and more efficiently, you will do more than serve your customers — you’ll inspire them!

Epicor Retail Store, developed using the Microsoft®
.NET platform is a robust POS and store-system suite with high ROI applications. Its real-time central features designed to enhance service and drive sales include customer relationship management (CRM), cross-channel selling, return/exchange management, and mobile functionality. The same Store architecture facilitates a rapid delivery of Store functionality on Apple® iPad®, iPod®, and Microsoft Windows® mobile devices.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale is designed to improve the customer experience and reduce check-out time with advanced transaction types, flexible workflow, extensive promotion and deal execution, in-store CRM, biometric capabilities, and more. With a full complement of back-office functions and applications, the store staff can manage their business more efficiently. These include a manager’s dashboard, inventory management, time and attendance, electronic journal, and cash management, all supported by Data Exchange, a fully functional data transfer solution.

Mobile Store

Mobile Store extends key store functionality beyond the cash-wrap and manager’s workstation. Enabled for Apple iPad, iPod, and Microsoft Windows mobile devices, Mobile Store provides store managers and sales associates the tools, at their fingertips, to enhance customer service and productivity by completing end-to-end POS transactions, looking up items, locating stock, and completing various inventory management functions.

Returns Management

Returns Management is a multi-channel, returns management centralized module enabling retailers to ensure accurate refunds and reduce refund fraud while improving customer service and employee compliance. Returns Management provides stores real-time access to all transaction details throughout the chain, including original purchase with promotional pricing, subsequent return history, and an accurate return value.

Enterprise Store Central

Enterprise Store Central is a centrally-based module offering a collection of capabilities for assisting in
the management of the store estate and provides a central resource for a number of features requiring a consolidated view. These include a central e-mail receipt function, centralized configuration and management, centralized real-time EJ and store services, transaction trickle consolidation, and integration with IBM Director for centralized store monitoring.

App builder

App builder provides the power and flexibility to enable retailers to create workflows and user experience, and configure and change business rules related to policy and procedures, payroll, security, marketing, taxes, inventory, and so much more. It’s easy to use User Interface gives retailers the same control over all the in-store devices, including workstations and mobile devices as well as the registers themselves.

Cross-Channel Selling

In today’s “merged” channel world, retailers all strive to deliver a seamless shopping experience for their customers. Regardless of what you sell, where you operate, or how many stores or channels you have, you must be able to give your customers what they want, when they want it, and in the way, they want to purchase it. To accomplish this, you must not only be set up to sell in multiple channels but also to have full access to your inventory across channels from anywhere in your chain.

Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling and Multi-Channel Transaction Adapter support retailers’ desire to provide that seamless shopping experience by enabling the ability to take and complete orders from anywhere with integration to your core enterprise systems as well as provide consistency across your channels.

Enterprise Selling

Enterprise Selling facilitates cross-channel retailing by combining a real-time inventory manager and a configurable order manager to process inventory transactions across multiple sales channels. With Enterprise Selling, you can sell merchandise and satisfy customer demand from anywhere in the enterprise. Fully integrated to the Epicor Retail Suite, Enterprise Selling gets the product and inventory data from Merchandising, allows Store POS to create and fulfill orders, sends orders to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the fulfillment, and sends orders to Merchandising to reserve products. Additionally, it keeps Sales Audit up to date with new orders, fulfilled orders, and cancellations.

Product Locator

Product Locator provides real-time inventory availability information that is accessible from any point of customer interaction—stores, kiosk, call center, Web, Google, or mobile devices—with search capabilities to find products based on geographical parameters. In addition, it provides real-time visibility to inventory level changes and the ability to track out-of-stock product demand which is invaluable information when planning future allocations.

Real-Time Inventory

A data feed process is used to populate beginning-on-hand counts for all inventory across the chain. The real-time inventory is then updated as merchandise moves throughout the day, and as inventory status changes during the lifecycle of orders.

Order Management

Order Management processes customer orders between disparate selling and fulfilling locations and systems. It allows sales channels to create customer orders then routes them in real-time between selling and fulfilling locations based on customer preference or retailer business rules.

Customer Service Application

Customer Service Application is a tool to assist Customer Service Representatives and Administrators in obtaining information and the status on orders that are in the Enterprise Selling system.


Reporting helps you understand your cross-channel business allowing you to make better decisions, facilitate compliance and enhance your profitability. Reports provide a summary of orders giving you a snapshot of orders taken, fulfilled, open and KPI’s by location, a view into items queried vs. fulfilled to assist with supply-demand, and an ability to know fulfillment rates and no stocks to support fulfillment compliance and inventory accuracy.

Multi-Channel Transaction Adapter

Multi-Channel Transaction Adapter gives retailers the tools to share POS functions and logic with other channels and devices. With a rich XML-based API, the sharing of Epicor Retail Store resources, such as pricing, promotion, tax, basket calculation, etc., enables retailers a single code base and transaction execution.

Customer Relationship Management

Epicor Retail CRM is a broad set of complementary tools to enable mutually beneficial relationships between a retailer and its customers. These tools are designed to drive sales, increase loyalty, and support the business processes necessary for success in today’s competitive marketplace. CRM provides integrated capabilities for customer analysis, customer segmentation, campaign management, clienteling, and loyalty points program management with real-time targeted communications to POS and other sales channels. Designed to support multiple sales channels and employing powerful analysis tools, this solution provides one complete and consolidated view of the customer.

Customer Reporting

Discover the marketing opportunities in your customer data with our easy-to-use suite of reports and templates. Find opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, increase retention, determine site selection for new stores, identify the most profitable customers to contact, and assist individual stores with customer-related performance issues.

Campaign Manager

CRM can interface to your POS, mobile device, call center, kiosk, and eCommerce sites to execute your campaign and promotions. Whether your next campaign is direct mail, voicemail, e-mail, or text messaging, CRM will help you prepare and export the lists to send to your third-party vendors for execution. As transactions flow into the customer database, campaign and promotion results are automatically updated. Analysis of your marketing initiatives can begin immediately.

Loyalty and Reward Manager

The goal of any well-designed retail loyalty program
is to drive ROI by changing customer behavior. How
you achieve this goal is fundamental to the program’s success. Loyalty and Reward Manager lets you design and runs your loyalty program with the flexibility and security of a retail-proven, transaction tracking and redemption toolset. You can communicate program benefits and news individually using one-to-one triggered messaging or reach out to a group of program members with statements and program information across multiple channels.


Engage and motivate customers more effectively with Clienteling. Your associates can now fully leverage and manage customer information in your Epicor Retail CRM database and have a digital, mobile black book at their fingertips. Personalize the customer’s shopping experiences by viewing items in their closet, suggesting products by knowing their profile and preferences, and reminding them of eligible offers. With Clienteling, build that lasting relationship and loyalty through personalization, knowledge, and engagement.

Audit and Operations Management

Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management consolidates, validates, and secures data from all sales channels into one location and to one standard, then maps it consistently to your enterprise applications. This exceptional solution improves performance, profitability, and peace of mind delivering substantial ROI.

Sales Audit

Sales Audit, processing over $50 billion sales transactions annually across hundreds of retailers, ensures the integrity and accuracy of the data flowing into head office information systems by correcting any errors
upfront and bridging the gap between your enterprise and the sales channels.

Voucher Management

Voucher Management provides real-time updating of balances for gift cards, gift certificates, and merchandise credits.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention automatically detects patterns of fraudulent activity and identifies procedural violations to reduce shrink, deter theft, and increase profitability while keeping the store an employee-friendly workplace.

Employee Productivity and Commissions

Employee Productivity and Commissions enable you to evaluate, track, encourage, and reward the performance of every employee correctly, fairly, and automatically.

Secure Data Management

Streamline the process of securing your retail data to support PCI compliance. Epicor Secure Data Management (SDM) is a single, cornerstone application that consolidates payment cardholder data and manages it in a secure manner. By using tokens as a reference for interfaced applications, SDM allows compliance to be driven through a single product. This substantially reduces the time, effort, and expense associated with establishing, verifying, and maintaining compliance on multiple solutions, and streamlines the process of securing sensitive cardholder data wherever it may reside in your organization.


Epicor Retail Planning effectively links your financial plans, assortment plans, buying plans, and individual store plans. It combines Merchandise Planning and Assortment Planning with rich visual tools to let you identify what’s needed at both the chain and store level, and develop effective inventory models that will maximize your sales while minimizing risks.

Merchandise Planning

Merchandise Planning lets you create and manage your merchandise plans at all levels and across all channels of operation. Flexible and unlimited merchandise and location hierarchies allow you to develop plans that meet the demands of your customers at a micro-level. By synchronizing high-level business plans with channel and location-specific trends, Merchandise Planning ensures the right merchandise is planned for the appropriate stores.

Assortment Planning

Assortment Planning simplifies the process of building ideal assortments in perfect step with your customers, locations, seasons, and budget. Using visual tools linked to your merchandising data and buying and store plans, this powerful application lets you create, organize, and view offerings within a location cluster and by store grade; determine your assortment breadth with an easy-to-use Wizard tool; define your styles in complete detail; see your assortment clearly using product pictures or catalog images, and much more.

Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management

Epicor Retail Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management streamlines the process of obtaining merchandise quickly and more profitably, by centralizing workflow management via the Web to control vendor negotiations, production, and logistics tracking. This integrated solution includes Partner Collaboration for communicating efficiently with vendors and agents worldwide via a central Web-based repository allowing stakeholders to view updates and request changes. Critical Path Management tracks the chain of critical tasks to ensure your project progresses efficiently and on schedule; plus other modules for managing every aspect of production and shipping.


Epicor Retail Merchandising streamlines operations, unifies asset management, and manages your business from end to end. This powerful retail solution features a centralized transactional database and support tools to help you make and execute better decisions based on accurate, current, and shared information.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management is your tool to easily transfer the rich data in our systems into the reports you need for usable information and rich insights. It links the expertise of your staff directly to critical data, letting them apply their intuitive knowledge of your retail business to trends, patterns, and sales statistics that are instantly accessible.

Purchase Order Management & OTB

Purchase Order Management handles the detailed process of placing purchase commitments with vendors and monitors the progress of buys and their delivery dates while maintaining financial and open-to-buy control.

Allocation and Replenishment

Allocation and Replenishment optimizes your merchandise with effective and proactive distributions that minimize stock imbalances, increase sales, lower inventory levels, reduce forced markdowns, raise gross margins, and increase customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management is an optional application that ensures merchandise flows from receiving through distribution to your customers or store shelves quickly, to optimize productivity, streamline operations, and reduce stock-outs. Warehouse Management provides EDI support for receiving, RF-based tools for carton packing, full ticketing functionality, SKU or carton-based inventory tracking, and more.

Inventory Management & WebIM

Inventory Management ensures your head office, warehouse, or stores get direct access to real-time inventory information across the enterprise. WebIM provides users access to Inventory Management via a web browser interface on either a pc or mobile device.

Price and Deal Management

Price and Deal Management provides a holistic
and an intelligent approach to price management. It allows for flexible and localized pricing to meet your changing business needs with centralized control and detailed tracking capabilities. Price changes can be executed by chain, store group, store, and color, choosing from hard markdowns, promotions, or a variety of deal types. Price and Deal Management flexibility and control capabilities result in increased margins for retailers.

Merchandising Analytics

Merchandising Analytics is a customizable decision support tool for analyzing all sales, orders, receipts, distributions, price changes, inventory adjustments, transfers, and returns to vendors, allowing you to determine opportunities for faster turns, improved margins, better markdown execution, and more precise forecasting.

Business Intelligence

Epicor Retail Business Intelligence (BI) puts the power of fully leveraged data at your fingertips. BI centralizes information from across the enterprise—even from external systems—and then enables you to analyze and report it in ways that reveal fresh insights and support faster, more effective decisions. This solution gives you unprecedented control of your retail data, improved operations management, and substantial advantage over your toughest competition.

BI’s Information Center translates data from Sales Audit, Loss Prevention, Merchandising, Planning, and CRM— as well as external third-party systems—into visually rich presentations that use gauges, maps, charts, and alerts to display multiple results together. This powerful tool lets you access, consolidate, analyze, and present exactly the information you need to make fast, accurate decisions and take actions directly within Information Center from either your desktop or mobile device.


Epicor Retail Financials Suite is a comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven financial applications for the global enterprise that enables your organization to operate efficiently, comply with fiscal regulations, underpin strong corporate governance, and drive performance. Retail Financials is integrated with Merchandising for posting general ledger, accounts payable, and invoices, as well as updating charts of accounts and vendors.

Retail Professional Services

Professional Services understands your needs and offers various services to maximize your technology investment and reduce your total cost of ownership. We are committed to providing you with the dedication, experience, and knowledge in order to successfully help your business achieve its goals, objectives, and growth strategies in the most efficient way.

Our Value Proposition

Our Organization—Partnership

We establish and nurture a long-term, personalized business partnership through a client-centric organization and structure, which supports our commitment to world-class client service. All clients work with a Client Delivery Executive (CDE) who is empowered to drive client satisfaction and navigate throughout every area of Epicor to ensure your success.

Our People—Retail Experts

We recruit, train, and mentor a team of world-class resources that maximize retail and Epicor product know-how to deliver business value.

Our Service Offerings—Tailored to Meet Your Needs

We offer a full range of services that maximize the value and functionality of our products.

Managed Store Support

We serve thousands of retail locations worldwide, 24/7. Our “single point of contact” philosophy allows our retailers to provide their stores with one number for complete support. We troubleshoot hardware, software, network, third-party, and procedural issues as well as support corporate applications and respond to corporate questions regarding the routine use of our software. Client-centric processes and associated KPIs allow us to monitor performance and deliver consistent results.


We work with installation technicians, store managers, and corporate staff to make sure all systems are set up, connected, configured, and functioning as planned.

Redistribution Services

Our Redistribution Services offerings center on our ability to handle large-scale hardware and software deployments, including complete software installation and testing. We also provide storage for depot stock enabling customers to have replacement systems quickly loaded and shipped. Whatever hardware, inventory, depot, or imaging needs you to have, our Redistribution team will work efficiently to provide you with superior service.

Professional Services

We provide expertise the right way. Our service professionals allow you to focus on your business while we facilitate each project aspect. Leveraging our comprehensive, end-to-end implementation methodology, our proven management processes, and our solution offerings, we reduce risk and maximize the value of your products. Our team has years of experience in the management, deployment, and support of large and complex systems and will guide you through defining the project to the deployment of our systems.

Software Customization

Our customer development team can tailor our software to meet your unique needs. A Business Process Review (BPR) will allow us to fully understand your requirements and develop a detailed specification for our Programming and Quality Assurance teams.

Polling and Data Transfer Monitoring

We will support your store polling system to help ensure smooth operation. This service includes verification and daily reporting on the status of all sites, evaluation of missed sites, and logging and reporting of system status.

Corporate Application Server Hosting/SaaS

We provide various levels of remote support for your corporate-based applications. Our offerings include a fully-hosted environment in which we will provide the hardware and software in our facility and manage those systems and applications for you (hosted or Saas). Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering gives you the same advanced functionality as our best-of-breed solutions used by the world’s leading retailers—Epicor Retail Merchandising, Store, CRM, and Audit and Operations Management solutions, plus Planning, BI, and Enterprise Selling when required. All in a format that dramatically reduces your capital investment and implementation requirements. Since Epicor takes care of everything you need, including software, hardware, services, and support, SaaS also minimizes your in-house resource requirements and overall TCO. We also offer a managed services solution in which you own the hardware and software licenses and we work with you to tailor a solution that will allow us to provide you with alerts giving visibility into the key operational elements of your systems.

CRM Services

Let us manage your CRM application for you—from database hygiene to running your marketing programs. We know retail and we know Epicor Retail CRM.
Our team is dedicated to providing CRM operational support across many clients. We offer efficiencies to improve operational security and drive down the cost of service. With various options tailored to your specific needs, you can choose from ad hoc consulting services for dashboard creation, custom reporting and loyalty program design, marketing support for basic and expanded campaign and loyalty program management, training for CRM basic or advanced training, and monthly database maintenance, as well as data analysis and strategic consulting services.

Enterprise Selling Services

Allow the experts at Epicor to host and manage your Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling application from providing the infrastructure to application monitoring to patch management, we can do it all for you. With a team dedicated to monitoring and maintaining the hosting environment, we’ll provide service and support during and after normal business hours to maximize the utilization of your application.

Merchandising Services

Our team of experts allows you to increase your business effectiveness by providing services to help you optimize your system’s efficiency. Services include strategic consulting, advanced training, and reporting.

Sales Audit Services

In addition to 100+ implementations of our industry-leading Epicor Retail Sales Audit application, we also provide auditing services that leverage our highly- skilled professional services team. These services include daily auditing based on your validation requirements, the development of tailored reporting to meet your precise requirements, and strategic consultation on industry-leading best practices.

Loss Prevention Services

Let Epicor manage your Epicor Retail Loss Prevention (LP) solution. Our team of LP professionals offers a wide variety of services to help drive ROI for your business. From LP operational support to strategic consultation, we can manage your settings and rules, audit your LP data, present leads requiring further investigation, educate your business on LP awareness, and create custom reporting to fit your requirements.

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Data V Tech is Epicor’s Authorized Partner with over 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific. We provide well-timed implementation with full support for software localization. As a one-stop shop, we offer complete solutions for manufacturing, trading, and distribution businesses. Our products and services range from mobile applications to e-commerce and direct machine data integrations to Epicor Kinetic (ERP) software (accessible on the cloud, hosted servers, and on-premises).