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Furniture and Fixtures businesses worldwide increasingly are stressed with global pressure to find new efficiencies. Price sensitivity, volatile raw material cost, labor demands, and customer demand for more configured product options continue to erode already thin margins. You need a furniture material resource planning system, or MRP system, that understands the challenges of your industry.

Furniture MRP System

  • Epicor Material Resource Planning (MRP) system enables you to manage the ever-increasing array of materials you consume. Forecast end-product requirements, adjust production as forecasts change, and generate suggested purchase orders to fill anticipated gaps in your raw material inventory.
  • Epicor furniture manufacturing software enables you to closely manage the cost of each set of production, including product-based and production set-based reporting.
  • Embedded Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionality help reduce your lead times.
  • The Epicor comprehensive Quality Suite automates the regulatory compliance process, helping you meet ISO requirements.
  • Epicor for Furniture and Fixture manufacturers offers embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, alongside robust eCommerce solutions with online product configuration,enabling you to turn leads into firm orders and manage customer demand.

For furniture and fixtures businesses, robust rules-based product configuration capabilities reduce cost in engineering while improving customer satisfaction with self-service tools that are available to customers and partners online through eCommerce solutions, on mobile devices, or traditional pc interaction for your employees. As an embedded module within Epicor ERP, the configurator reduces time to production for configured products. Configuration results are fed directly to production, purchasing, and quality.

Epicor ERP Software is uniquely positioned to bring new operational efficiencies, lower lead times, and reduce operational costs for furniture and fixture manufacturers.

Strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) coupled with Product Configuration and Product Data Management can assist these organizations in staying agile while also minimizing overhead.

Supporting Key Initiatives for the Furniture and Fixtures Industry

Furniture and Fixtures businesses worldwide increasingly are stressed with global pressure to find new efficiencies. Price sensitivity, volatile raw material cost, labor demands, and customer demand for more configurable options continue to erode already thin margins. In response, many manufacturers are implementing lean initiatives. Lean initiatives are driving many businesses in manufacturing to reengineer business processes; from the warehouse to the plant floor to the top floor to the extended supply chain. These same companies are enjoying business-wide costs savings, reduction in the cost related to sales of finished goods as well as raw material and work in process, improved throughput, better utilization of existing resources, and improved customer satisfaction. Epicor understands the demands placed on businesses in the furniture and fixtures industry today.

Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures is a global enterprise resource planning software solution designed for organizations that manufacture furniture or fixtures. Epicor is uniquely positioned to manage the requirements of multi-faceted manufacturing businesses by supporting simple-to-complex manufacturing requirements, including full warehouse management, short-run custom make-to-order manufacturing, high-run make-to-stock, and mixed-mode manufacturing with a single, comprehensive solution.

Taking stock of core business operations in an integrated fashion is, for many businesses, the initial step in improving bottom-line revenues through greater visibility of front office, warehouse, and manufacturing plant floor operations. Through integrated ERP technology, your business removes redundant processes and improves the accuracy of information to provide first-class customer service and centralized operational management.

Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures is a completely integrated solution for managing your business. From sales to planning and production to procurement to warehousing and distribution to customer service and finally finance—Epicor offers an end-to-end solution. Modular in its design, Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures offers flexibility in deployment as modules can be purchased and “turned on” during appropriate phases of implementation.

Many businesses find that close partnerships with channel business partners and end customers are critical to business success. Maintaining these highly developed relationships requires strong communication coupled with agility and flexibility. Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures offers a suite of functionality designed to assist your organization in putting the demands of your customer first. Through embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, we ensure that all customer communication is fluid throughout the organization, providing a complete workflow for each quote with customer sign-off as a stage—closing the loop with customer service which logs each customer inquiry and provides comprehensive escalation workflow when needed.

Epicor understands that product velocity (new styles and designs) coupled with customer demand for options such as color, material, finish, and dimension that can be easily interchanged to give a “custom” feel to their product further stress already thin margins in the Furniture and Fixtures industry. As a result, Epicor offers a comprehensive rules-based configuration tool that steps customer service and yes, even end-customers, through a guided workflow to self configure and get pricing for their order.

Once an order is accepted, the configuration automatically transfers the bill of material and routing requirements along with special instructions to the plant floor for production. It can also optionally transfer configuration results to engineering where engineering CAD documents are created automatically. Many manufacturers have used the power of the unique Epicor Product Configurator to streamline order processing while improving accuracy.

Commerce Connect extends your current website to offer premier configuration access to channel partners and customers. Armed with parametric configuration capabilities, customers and distributors have the ability to configure online and visualize the results immediately.

Many businesses are getting back to basics and looking to reduce waste with stronger cost control and management of key cost elements. Through efficient management of the buying process, today’s businesses are using just-in-time techniques for the procurement of both end products and raw materials. Additionally, buyers are looking for new ways to drive down margins with suppliers. Good forecasting and demand requirements provide better buying power.

Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures includes strong demand management and inventory control alongside material requirements planning (MRP) and purchase suggestions capabilities to provide time-phased material control to reduce raw and finished goods inventory being carried; enabling goods to be delivered just-in-time.

Critical to the manufacturing process are strong indicators of cost and post-production cost analysis. Each production run is analyzed to determine the total cost. Based on profitability and run analysis, production management can then determine if production planning estimates need adjustment for quoting and rerun the next time.

Long term business relationships are the bread and butter for this industry. Maintaining supplier status is based on measurements of not only cost and quality, but delivery performance is also critical. For many businesses, production and warehouse visibility, in particular, the schedule of the plant has outgrown the traditional whiteboard. It now encompasses more expansive requirements such as “what-if” scenarios, multi-resource constraints, and in some cases as a result of workforce diversification, capability-based scheduling (whether employee skill set or machine capability). With visual scheduling boards and multi-resource scheduling boards that offer color-coded load, drag and drop load capabilities, and drill-down functionality, master schedulers, as well as production managers, can accurately manage change and respond to overload constraints proactively.

For manufacturers responding to the question, “When can you deliver?” during the sales cycle, Epicor offers true capable-to- promise capability that absorbs the requirements for the sales order into scheduling using appropriate finite capacity and MRP rules to offer an accurate delivery date. Simple acceptance of the sales order moves the requirement into production and procurement.

Innovative manufacturers who deploy lean methodologies business-wide reap huge benefits in terms of customer satisfaction and overall business performance. For manufacturers looking to reduce wasted processes from the office to plant floor, integrated systems streamline business processes.

Additionally, support for cell-based strategies to support key customer requirements as well as on the plant floor, deploying demand-pull systems that are based on replenishment principals further JIT material and component efficiencies. Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures contains embedded Lean activity metrics and Kanban functionality (i.e., signal to manufacture or move product) that offers the functionality required to manage several types of electronic signals for Kanban control.

More than ever, businesses are reaching down into their supply chains to eliminate waste and improve bottom-line results. As global competition continues to drive cost down, supply chain partners are playing a larger role than ever before and proximity to suppliers can be a benefit. Many businesses are looking for ways to more seamlessly collaborate with suppliers for optimum results.

Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures promotes tighter collaboration throughout the supply chain; maximizing new efficiencies and measurements of supplier performance. Look to automate processes for requesting RFQs or for sending change orders through electronic queues on supplier portals or more directly through EDI.

With competitive pressures driving many businesses to expand globally where labor is considerably less expensive coupled with manufacturing plant consolidations and the desire to put distribution centers closer to end consumers, both large and small businesses find themselves suddenly managing multiple sites disparately.

Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures has comprehensive multisite capabilities coupled with a global presence to meet your company’s requirements for local support. Competing globally and domestically—bridging geographic and strategic diversity and eliminating supply chain inefficiencies—can be accomplished with the technologies to streamline intra- and inter-company processes and communicate quickly and accurately.

Synchronization of complex relationships that determine supply, demand, and fulfillment is the means of reaching new, industry-leading levels of business performance. Epicor for Furniture and Fixtures can help you achieve maximum efficiencies across your globally extended enterprise.

Epicor is uniquely positioned with a complete suite of applications based on services architecture, protecting your investment in software and services well into the future. Why are web services so important to businesses, particularly in furniture and fixtures? Outside of all the reasons organizations look to web services for deployment; speed, stability, reusability, and more; for midsize businesses, the incentive is imminent to drive electronic collaboration more firmly into their supply chain. Web services connections are fast becoming a necessity for doing business. Supporting your business strategies with applications built on service-oriented architecture (SOA) keeps the door open for businesses by meeting both the immediate requirement for scalability while supporting an open philosophy in the event your business strategy changes. SOA simplifies the coming together of established infrastructures to make acquisition and merger less painful—attractive to companies looking to acquire.

As your business grows and changes, you need a solution that can grow and change with you. As a single solution able to be deployed on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud, Epicor Manufacturing provides unprecedented deployment flexibility. For example, if your business has limited IT resources you may opt to initially deploy the solution in a hosted model or in the cloud. As your business changes, you may subsequently opt to redeploy Epicor ERP on the premise.

Epicor is one of the few vendors to have architected a full multitenant software as a service (SaaS) and on-premise version out of a single product and is the only vendor who has deployed it to customers.

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