Sales Management

Sales Management

What is Epicor Sales Management?

Sales Management software is a system tailor-made for the sales department to reach its goal. Due to its specialization, Epicor developers integrated this platform as one module into the Epicor ERP system. As a result, the comprehensive enterprise solution also can help businesses produce accurate estimates, streamline the order-to-cash cycle, and support customer service improvement.

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Epicor Sales Management Benefits

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By streamlining the sales process with centralized access to the information on products, pricing, and customers, the Sales Management module can generate orders with a minimal number of steps. In addition, the software automates and improves labor-intensive processes, such as quoting, proposal generation, configuration, and order entry. Thus, it increases accuracy during the quote and order process and rapidly identifies the most appropriate solution to meet customers’ needs. As a result, the sales department can ensure world-class customer satisfaction consistently and boost sales productivity sustainably.

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Epicor Sales Management Features

Estimate and Quote Management

Epicor Sales Management Easily allows the sales team to promptly track all customer or prospect requests for quotations (RFQs) with the Estimate and Quote Management functionality. As a result, they can generate quotes more swiftly with more accurate pricing and shorter lead times.

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Order Management

Order Management drives the Epicor system, tracking orders from the beginning to the final shipment, producing perfect order fulfillment on demand. Besides, this order-to-delivery process is accessible online, enhancing sales management effectiveness and flexibility and improving customer satisfaction.

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Demand Management

Epicor Demand Management responds to these business conditions. Furthermore, it incorporates the requirements of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to help companies reduce lead time in the office for planning and procurement, thus enabling faster responses on the production floor.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Epicor Advanced EDI is the traditional form of electronic information exchange, which many suppliers are using to manage their supply chains efficiently. Concomitant with Demand Management, this functionality provides a standard interface for managing and exchanging heaps of data.

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New revenue opportunities and sales efficiencies are available to companies that successfully engage customers through their Web site. Similar yet more advanced than eCommerce, Epicor Storefront in the Sales Management module can simplify the sales process and even shorten the time from receiving an order to execute the shipment. This platform extends companies’ websites, including customer portal capabilities and Web configuration features.

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Epicor ERP is accessible on the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Moreover, it is customizable according to each industry, which requires the support from and high expertise of Epicor’s local consultants.

Data V Tech is Epicor’s authorized and most experienced partner in Vietnam. Remarkably, we can localize Epicor ERP’s implementation within a fascinating duration and for competitive consulting costs. Furthermore, Data V Tech has developed various complementary add-ons on mobile beyond Epicor ERP’s available benefits to assist enterprises in every workplace corner. 

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