Project Management

What is Project Management Software?

Epicor Project Management is a comprehensive solution for project managers to plan and execute projects, especially those requiring intricate multilevel phases, strict costing, and complex billing. Embedded within the robust capabilities of Epicor ERP, Project Management utilizes the detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing, and supply chain logistics of Epicor for complete control and analysis of any project.

Epicor Project Management Benefits

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  • Record all project costs and send an invoice for any product or service on time
  • Enhance cash flow and forecasting through effective management
  • Establish control of multiple subcontractor obligations and on-charges
  • Abolish manual entries and their possibly resultant errors from the revenue recognition process

Epicor Project Management Features

Project Planning and Analysis

Supporting the needs of industries with a project orientation, Epicor Project Planning provides flexible Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) capabilities, including multilevel phases within a project. This function is fully embedded within Epicor’s Project Management. It offers a robust Epicor scheduling engine for complete visibility and management of the project schedule.

Additionally, the software enables accumulating and rolling up costs from a WBS Phase to the main project and supporting budgets, evaluated completion values, calculated, estimated, and actual expenses accrued at the WBS Phase level or the project level. The WBS can become the basis for project invoicing, or Epicor users can create a separate billing schedule for complex contract management using Project Billing.

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Project Billing

The advanced invoicing methods available in Epicor Project Billing provide the capability required to handle the commercial terms negotiated during the project bid process. In addition, Project Billing can vary amongst projects, ranging from shipment-based billing to negotiated rates and the establishment of a billing structure that is separatable from the project WBS. This flexibility enables project managers to focus on managing project delivery efficiently while also handling accurate billing following a customer-defined schedule.

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Resource Management

Epicor Resource Management provides the ability to define all available resources, whether employees, contractors, equipment, or machinery. Comprehensive calendars, resource capabilities, roles, and capacities can be determined referenced throughout Epicor. Resource management additionally provides the total costing and default burden and billing data used throughout the application, from planning and scheduling to labor bookings. Contractual role requirements and a clear separation of direct and indirect labor receive support following the specifications of the most demanding contract.

Mobile Expense Management

Mobile Expense Management allows resources to enter expenses as they happen, reducing the need to remember and enter when they have access to ERP. Mobile Expense Management utilizes standard consumer devices on Apple iOS and Google Android and constitutes process-driven menus.

The application is cost-effective to deploy and easy to use. Epicor expense management also utilizes the device camera, if available, allowing users to attach pictures of receipts at the time of entry. This functionality speeds up the approval process. Applications also work in a disconnected state and enable users to enter data and sync back when they have a connection.

Time Management

Time Management in Epicor provides a configurable environment for recording and managing time across projects, jobs, service orders, and internal codes. A range of entry options is available, each reflecting the nature of a particular transaction. Time can be entered online, on the shop-floor, in the office, or from a mobile device resulting in a quick and accurate recording.

The reliability of time recording is reinforced through an array of task-centric entry options that focus on the critical data required in each context. Additional configuration options ensure users only access authorized jobs and booking codes, with a clear separation between direct and indirect labor entry.

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Mobile Time Management

Mobile Time Management allows you to easily take care of business while traveling by capturing your time while on the go. You will have fewer errors and missed billable time by reducing the need to remember and enter when accessing Epicor Kinetic (ERP).

Mobile Time Management comprises process-driven menus. It utilizes standard consumer devices using Apple iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows mobile devices. Moreover, the application is cost-effective to deploy and easy to use. Applications will also work in a disconnected state and allow users to enter data and sync back when they connect.

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Expense Management

In Epicor Kinetic (ERP) Project Management, Expense Management helps eliminate administrative effort. In addition, it increases efficiency by providing a secure environment for recording and managing multicurrency expenses across projects, jobs, service orders, and purely internal costs.

Furthermore, those payments can be entered online, in the office, or from a mobile device, resulting in a quick and accurate recording of expenses. A flexible approvals process provides the security to ensure expenses are properly authorized and backed up by a comprehensive audit trail. Then, approved transactions flow directly into Accounts Payable for fast and efficient processing and reimbursement.

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