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Whether you manufacture complex or simple products, you need a robust Production Management solution to establish a competitive advantage. As the global marketplace continues to shrink profit margins and customers become more demanding, businesses are looking for agile solutions to provide the infrastructure they need to respond quickly and efficiently.

What is Production Management Software?

Modular in design, the Production Management software in the Epicor ERP system includes Job Management, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Assurance, and Advanced Quality Management. It is a comprehensive solution for make-to-order, mixed-mode, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, and configure-to-order manufacturers, including light assembly features for distribution businesses.

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Epicor Production Management Benefits

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Epicor Production Management aims to help manufacturers reduce cycle times, setup times, lead times, and flow distance. Furthermore, managers can eliminate buffer inventories and minimize inventory throughput time while planning parts purchases more effectively with this tool. As a result, companies can reduce labor costs and WIP stock, free space, boost productivity, enhance quality, and increase shipment volumes.

Epicor Production Management Features

Job Management

Job Management is a comprehensive production control solution designed specifically for planning, routing, scheduling, costing, and tracking products, including assembled, manufactured, and semi-finished products. It includes innovative tools for better planning and pricing with a historical run analysis that compares estimates to actuals on a run-by-run basis. With Epicor Job Management, users can more easily identify wasted processes and continuous improvement opportunities on the production floor for maximized profitability.
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Advanced Production

Advanced Production deploys batching technology enabling users to group multiple parts or operations for key production processes. This batching process results in a single reporting entity or job for simplified scheduling, tracking, and reports of labor and materials on the plant floor.
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Lean Production

Businesses have widened the scope and focus of lean principles to encompass all processes that contribute to the bottom line. However, lean thinking will benefit the enterprise when the entire organization adopts the same ideology. Epicor developed specific functionality for plant floor operations adopting these Kanban manufacturing strategies in part or entirely to pull rather than push products through the manufacturing process. It is Epicor Lean Production.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Epicor Manufacturing Execution System, or Epicor MES, is an easy-to-use, online system for the plant floor that allows plant-based transactions real-time visibility throughout the Epicor solution. This easy-to-use interface is developed for end-users and offers options of deployment that include touchscreen monitors and barcoded enablement to simplify data entry while reducing mistakes. 

Epicor MES provides accurate labor reporting, vital concerning job costing and job status. Online transaction tracking gives management a current picture of what is occurring on the plant floor by employee and job.

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Quality Assurance

Extending your solution with Quality Assurance ensures the complete visibility of quality operations, including items in the quality process. Accurate costing demands that products moved through quality accurately reflect their value. Epicor users can remove them from appropriate WIP. This module enables supplier returns with links to Accounts Payable for automated debit processing, closing the loop on traceability of products in and out of quality within the plant.
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Advanced Quality Management

Epicor Advanced Quality Management (AQM) provides the foundation for significant productivity improvements and cost reductions across your entire enterprise. This solution includes Product and Process Documentation, Customer and Supplier Management, Nonconformance, and Corrective Action capability. In addition, these modules provide a complete framework for compliance with regulatory and industry standards, including ISO, automotive (TS), aerospace (AS), and FDA (21CFR 11) requirements.

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