Human Capital Management

Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) module encompasses a range of solutions that help manage an organization’s most valued assets – employees – strategically and coherently.

What is Human Capital Management Software?

Data V Tech - Human Capital Management Software

Originally, human capital management (HCM) software was an attempt to automate payroll and workforce management processes in 1970. Gradually, companies wished to reduce manual entry, automate employee evaluation, and digitalize reporting. So, software developers combined various human resources functions to create a comprehensive HCM solution for personnel departments. Therefore, HCM software is also called HRIS (human resources information system) or an HRMS (human resources management system). More often, this HR-centred client-server system is part of a comprehensive ERP system, such as Epicor ERP

HCM Benefits

Today’s Human Capital Management solutions demonstrate the progression beyond the confines of the HR department, core payroll services, and human resource management systems (HRMS) to managing and developing talent and labor resources on a global scale, both strategically and cost-effectively. Epicor HCM delivers the necessary software support for all employee-related functions, whether distributed or centralized. In addition, this module enables organizations to manage a geographically dispersed workforce globally, ensuring support for various local payroll and legal reporting requirements.

Data V Tech - What is Human Capital Management

Epicor HCM Features


Epicor Kinetic Payroll handles the processing of all employees’ paychecks and provides necessary company and governmental reporting. It provides users with comprehensive employee information and memo fields. As a result, HR departments can effortlessly track employee personnel information, such as performance reviews and outside training.

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Training and Recruitment

The Training and Recruitment functionality allows users to schedule courses and instructors and record training history, reducing the pain of your next regulatory audit. It provides a complete picture of an employee’s lifecycle, including internal and external classes, instructors, course outlines, and class schedules captured and retained within the HCM database.

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Human Resource Management

Epicor Human Resource Management (HRM) efficiently administers applicant tracking, benefit programs, workforce training and development, complex union dues calculations and benefits, and ever-changing governmental regulations such as EEO, VETS, OSHA, and Affirmative Action Program reporting (AAP). 

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Epicor Kinetic Employee Self-Service enables employees and managers to update their operational activities, freeing up the HR and payroll department personnel for more strategic activities from a kiosk, an intranet, or the Internet. This module’s interface is highly user-friendly, so even computer novices can effortlessly navigate the system with minimal effort.

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Epicor HCM Demo

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