Tax Connect

tax connectEpicor Tax Connect eliminates the tedious work and complexity of determining sales tax jurisdictions of ship-to addresses, maintaining tax codes and rates, and dealing with jurisdiction-specific and commodity-specific taxation rules. Furthermore, it also provides an automated generation of sales tax returns and currently supports the United States and Canada. Epicor Tax Connect is a software as a service (SaaS) with on-demand address validation, sales tax calculation, sales tax reporting and returns generation.

Last but not least, the software version available in Vietnam is now compatible with the national tax system. Data V Tech has implemented it for many Vietnamese enterprises. Please contact us for further information or a demo.

Activation and subscription fees are required for this service and are determined based on the number of AR invoices you process and on the number of sales tax returns you submit to taxing authorities.

When the AR invoice is posted to GL, the service is notified for sales tax reporting purposes and for subscription accounting of the transaction.

When generating an AR invoice, the verified address and line item information is passed to the service in real-time to calculate sales tax based on jurisdiction and any applicable taxability rules. The resulting tax information is stored with the invoice in the Epicor database.

Use integration to Avalara® AvaTax®, both on-demand and on premise, which includes real-time address validation, tax rate lookup, and tax calculation.

Verify customer addresses against a CASS-certified database. This is necessary to determine exactly which tax jurisdictions apply to that address. When entering or updating an address, the service will verify the address in real-time. It is capable of correcting spelling errors and adding ZIP code and ZIP + 4 if they are missing. The complete and correct address gets saved to the Epicor database.