Fixed Asset Management

fixed asset managementEffective asset management is a critical business requirement. Epicor ERP‘s Fixed Assets helps you record, track, and depreciate your fixed assets for optimal utilization.


Classify your assets for reporting and analysis into an unlimited number of asset classes and groups. These defaults streamline initial setup and executing mass changes to multiple assets.

Manage asset depreciation with multiple depreciation methods. Recalculate and project depreciation. Maintain accurate tracking and depreciation of company assets.

Control under- and over-charges by choosing how additions or changes to an asset’s depreciation charge are treated—even when the change occurs partway through a fiscal year.

Decide how to charge the opening book value of an asset when it is less than the annual depreciation charge. Charge it on a periodic basis until the book value equals zero, or spread the reduced annual charge across all periods in your fiscal year.

Keep your general ledger in sync with asset management through the comprehensive array of asset management accounts, including:

  • Asset provision account
  • Depreciation charge account
  • Addition control account
  • Disposal control account
  • Disposal provision account
  • Disposal profit/loss account

Quickly answer detailed questions regarding the location, source, and maintenance of your assets.

  • Location: Identify the location of your assets.
  • History: Document asset source, original purchase order and invoice number, manufacturer, manufacturing job number, and serial and/or model number.
  • Insurance: Capture and reference insurance information including insurer, asset policy number, monthly premium information, and renewal date.
  • Lease: If the asset is leased, document lease information like monthly lease cost, mileage, and lease end date.