Credit Card Processing

credit card processingEpicor Credit Card Processing also implements the security guidelines as specified in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard including securely encrypted account numbers and key management. Epicor Credit Card Processing includes easy to use maintenance for initial setup along with a variety of integration points to bring an easily deployable solution to your business.

  • Authorization with the sales order
  • Reauthorization with the sales order before picking and shipping
  • Complete or partial funds collected with the sales order
  • Funds collected at shipment
  • Reauthorization at product picking
  • Funds collected at cash receipt
  • Reauthorization of balance when partial shipments are made
  • Funds credited for returns

Credit Card Processing works online with the PayPal Payflow Pro (formerly Verisign®) secure card authorization system to validate credit cards and debit cards in the United States and The Royal Bank of Scotland® Group (RBS) PaymentTrust™ (formerly Trustmarque) for international transactions. The integration can also be utilized as a framework for integration to other payment processing services.

Credit Card Processing supports several industry standards, which will help reduce the possibility of credit card fraud, and will also help reduce the cost per credit card transaction.

  • Address Verification
  • Security Code (CSC ID)
  • MOD10 validation of the account number of the credit card number without requiring a transaction with the credit card processor

Utilizes industry standards for secure credit card information storage and display.

Once credit card number is entered and saved, the masked account number is stored in the Epicor database as is an encrypted account number. Encrypted numbers are secured from employee lookups of customer data.

Epicor uses a secured network connection to communicate with Payflow Pro and PaymentTrust. Credit card information is always safe and secure when it is transmitted, or when the results of the credit card transactions are returned to Epicor.

When the credit card number is entered it is validated using the MOD10 validation to determine that the card number is in the correct format. This validation is done completely within Epicor validation process in order to catch data entry errors before the information is sent to Payflow Pro or PaymentTrust, reducing potential transaction fees.

Prior to the MOD10 validation of the credit card number, if there is a prefix and/or length requirement, based on the credit card type, it is validated to determine that the card number is in the correct format.

The credit card implementation is highly configurable. Multiple types of credit cards are supported as well as the ability to customize the credit card authorization behavior to match a customers business practices.

Each of the Epicor Credit Card Processing processes that work with credit cards can be set up to define how credit card transactions will be processed.

This process reauthorizes credit card reservations that have expired or for other reasons need to be reestablished based on changes to the order or partial shipments.

Reports of credit card transactions are available for auditing purposes, some of which have been specifically designed for easy verification against PayPal reports.

A history of credit card transactions for an order are readily available on the credit card form and previous authorizations can be easily voided or deposited.