Cash Management

As a tool in Epicor ERP’s Financial Management module, Cash management collects, handles, and uses cash. It also involves cash flow analysis, and as a result, helps reduce tremendous hurdles for the financial department.

Epicor ERP Cash Management - What is cash management

Epicor ERP Cash Management Features

Bank Accounts

With Bank Accounts in Epicor ERP Cash Management, users can specify the number and type of bank for each company’s accounts, including currency.

Soft Formats for EFT

Financial Departments can effortlessly customize EFT formats to meet the organization’s needs on Epicor ERP Cash Management. For example, these formats can match bank requirements and include remittance information.

Bank Reconciliation

With the Bank Reconciliation function on Epicor ERP Cash Management, users can reconcile their bank statements with entries generated in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.

Bank Reconciliation - Automatic Reconcile

Users can automatically upload electronic bank statements and then auto-reconcile these statements with the manual reconciliation of unmatched articles on Epicor ERP Cash Management. In particular, they can combine several items in the application to match against one or more items on the statement. Moreover, they can enter the statement number, date, and complete historical statement reconciliation success records. Users can also perform manual allocation, enter ad hoc, non-AR, or non-AP statement amounts while in the reconciliation routine. Lastly, they can generate an item list and a report.

Cash Flow Dashboards

Epicor ERP Cash Management can also efficiently perform cash flow analysis for open AR balances and AP amounts owed. The dashboard streamlines the process with user-defined buckets for cash flow analysis by giving an easily understood display of your outstanding receivables and credit obligations.

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