Service Management

Service Management

Epicor ERP software - service management solutionEpicor service management software enables service providers to ensure their visibility and accountability from initial customer contact to post-sales care and maintenance as well as during service delivery. More importantly, you can do the job more profitably and proactively by easily accessing your Epicor system and checking the real-time data in order to gain necessary insights to act promptly.


Epicor is not only software for the industry. Indeed, it is an all-in-one solution tailor-made for your business thanks to the expertise of our local consultants in Vietnam – Data V Tech. Contact us for further information as it is our mission to help your business stand out on value.


Contract Management

Epicor Contract Management used in conjunction with Epicor Field Service ensures the timely and accurate execution of service contracts. Additionally, this solution holds the historical activities against the contract to better meet customer expectations.

Establish service contracts for specific products, customers, and service level agreements. Each contract has an expiration date that is automatically tracked, reducing manual look-up when a customer calls. Tracking of serialized parts within service contracts is included.

Add or update service orders, schedule service orders, execute purchase and material planning, and warranty and service contract management. The service call center workbench also allows drill-down into all associated transactions.

Automatically activate warranties, associated with a part or product group upon shipment of a part. When a repair is needed, quickly determine if the problem is still covered under warranty or if it requires a billable service call.

Generate service-level agreements with automatic billing options.

Field Service

Epicor Field Service is designed for people who install, repair, or service offsite or at the plant or depot. You can centralize all processes related to the dispatching of technicians and cost reporting of service calls in the field. This application supports drop shipment of service parts directly to the customer site. The application is set up for a single interface, so a dispatcher can track all stages of each service call with just a few mouse clicks.

Allocate inventory from the field as it is needed. Demand is created and all inventory management rules are applied.

Add or update service orders, schedule service orders, execute purchase and material planning, and warranty and service contract management. The service call center workbench also allows drill-down into all associated transactions.

After completion of a job, labor hours and service types are entered into the service call ticket. Depending on how the service call was set up, those charges may be absorbed into the service contract or automatically invoiced to the customer.

As materials are used in the field, they can be entered into the service ticket as incurred costs against the service call. If the costs are billable, the customer is automatically invoiced.

Easily access online time and material cost data and generate an invoice.

Perform inventory mass issues to a specific job or repair to quickly relieve inventory of all parts used. If the stock is allocated to the field engineer and consumed as needed, stocking locations can be set up and tied to the specific engineer.

Handle inventory or warranty returns with a simple transaction.

Access reports providing overall numbers, as well as detailed information on individual contracts and warranties to know whether you are making or losing money.

Automatically dispatch technician and field engineer resources based on availability. If Advanced Planning and Scheduling is deployed, they can be dispatched based on resource capability. You can print a dispatch report, along with individual service tickets, to provide documentation for technicians to take to each job site.

Case Management

Epicor Case Management is fully integrated with Field Service for easy access to dispatching field activities and providing field service representatives access to online knowledge bases, existing customer field service calls, warranty information, and service contracts.

Manage and record all customer interactions for enterprise— wide visibility of customer satisfaction. Link contacts related to a case for easy review of complete case history.

Manage and document communication between customer service or field service and the customer for enterprise-wide visibility of customer case and resolution.

Link documents and communication events such as e–mails to cases and calls.

Returned Material Authorization

Enhanced return processing offers enterprise-wide tracking of pending returns and disposition of these parts by unique RMA number. Enter information about returns, and transfer that information to the different groups that may need to take action (e.g., inspection, billing, and order processing). Armed with full notes capabilities and document management functionality, tracking the steps of a returned part for requirements certifications is inherent in the system.

Automatically generate a unique RMA number that can be submitted to the customer for tracking parts as they are received.

Use non-nettable bins to keep parts undergoing inspection or review out of current on-hand quantities.

Track and cost the disposal of returned products in RMA disposition.

Automatically generate a credit request based on disposition of a returned product.

Track returned serialized parts from the moment they come into the plant through quality disposition.

Use detailed notes capabilities for closely tracking activity using date and user ID stamping.

Assign user-defined RMA reason codes for return analysis.

Manage cost of returned products by linking to the original order shipped and accessing the cost of the shipment.

Epicor Portal customer content pack extends Epicor Service Management by delivering strong self-service capabilities, allowing customers to pull up the status of existing RMAs, including the RMA number to include with the returned parts. Users can also review whether a credit has been applied to their account based on the return.

Epicor Service Management works alongside Epicor Quality Assurance to provide visibility within the quality assurance inspection queue, send product to the material review board (MRB), and link to corrective actions.