Epicor Cloud ERP

What is Epicor Cloud?

Epicor cloud is an ERP deployment option giving customers complete control of the system. Yet, this solution unleashes users from individual management of the entire network of hardware, servers, operating systems, storage, or applications with cloud environments. As a result, cloud computing helps reduce capital expenses.

Data V Tech dedicates to leveraging on cloud platforms to implement Epicor Kinetic (ERP) with a high level of performance, quality, data protection, privacy, scalability, and reliability. We always recommend a deployment plan with thorough care for your business vision, practices, and your team’s wellbeing and ERP readiness. Our goal is to enable this automation without more physical, mental, and financial burdens on our customers.

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Epicor Cloud's Benefits

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ERP Cloud for Greater Data Security

Cloud computing was allegedly less secure than on-premises capabilities, according to Gartner 2019. Nonetheless, the security breaches in the public cloud were somewhat exaggerated and usually involved a misconfiguration of the cloud service.
Indeed, Epicor and many other cloud providers have considered data security a top imperative. They have invested in the enhancement of data security capabilities. Clouds have become more reliable, and their prices are more SMEs-friendly than before.

Complete Financial Visibility and Control with ERP Cloud

First, cloud vendors like Data V Tech usually commit to a predictable and transparent pricing policy. That means we typically stipulate the limits on possible price increases in the agreement with customers. As a result, businesses can efficiently envisage their potential expenses and plan their budget accordingly.

Secondly, ERP cloud subscribers can avoid long investment approval processes. They can minimize upfront capital investments. Specified subscription fees, savings on ongoing upgrades, and lower licensing costs enable them to predict and plan their long-term spending.

Epicor Kinetic Cloud - Data V Tech

Epicor Kinetic Cloud - Data V Tech

Advanced Tech Innovation for Agility and Scalability

Epicor Kinetic (ERP) on the cloud can update itself automatically, allowing us to define the frequency of that process. The software solution functions as a core connector between manufacturers, resources, and opportunities in the technology ecosystem. As a result, system extensions can occur seamlessly and quickly to help enterprises to take control over new territories in case of mergers and acquisitions, e.g.

Above are some significant benefits of ERP cloud deployment with Data V Tech. Contact us for direct consultation if you’re still concerned about clouds’ security, data protection, privacy, availability, and data center operations.

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Epicor Kinetic (ERP) is accessible on the cloud, hosted servers, and on-premises. It is flexible and personalizable to individual use, company practices, and multiple industries.

Data V Tech is Epicor’s Authorized Partner with over 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific. We provide well-timed implementation with full support for software localization. As a one-stop shop, we offer complete solutions for manufacturing, trading, and distribution businesses, from mobile applications to e-commerce and direct machine data integrations to Epicor Kinetic (ERP) software.