E-Invoice Integration

E-Invoice - an Inexorable Trend for Enterprises' Benefits

Many Vietnamese enterprises are rushing to launch e-invoice integration into their operational system. Foremost, it is compulsory under Article 35.2 of the Government’s Decree No. 119/2018/ND-CP issued on September 12, 2018: “From November 1, 2020, all enterprises are required to use electronic invoices instead of paper invoices completely.” Furthermore, this innovation can increase profits for the company by minimizing errors resulting from manual data entry.

Data V Tech is Epicor Software Co.’s authorized partner in the Asia Pacific and one of Vietnam’s leading ERP consulting firms. With a team of experienced consultants in software integration and Vietnam’s administrative and tax system, Data V Tech has successfully deployed e-invoices for many domestic and international enterprises.

E-invoices are a collection of electronic data messages on the sale of goods, provision of services, initiated, created, sent, received, stored, and managed electronically. E-invoices must meet the contents specified in Article 6 of Circular No. 32/211/TT-BTC.

E-invoices shall be initialized, produced, and processed on computer systems of organizations that have been granted tax codes when selling goods and services and stored on computers of the parties under the law on e-transactions.

Article 3.1 of Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BTC of March 14, 2011.
e-invoice integration into Epicor ERP system

Advantages of E-invoice implementation with Data V Tech

Understanding the operation process of enterprise systems thoroughly, Data V Tech’s approach of integrating e-invoices into ERP consists of outstanding advantages, presented as follows:

Quick Deployment

E-invoice implementation time can be relatively short, only 3-5 days. In particular, Data V Tech experts consult with customers to build the solutions that best suit the characteristics of their business. In other words, e-invoices comprise all information in response to the enterprise’s invoice form and needs.

High Conformity with Local Regulations

The process of creating and signing invoices conforms to the General Department of Taxation’s requirements.

User-Friendly Features

Users can create, release, and look up e-invoices anytime, anywhere via phone or computer.

24/7 Support

The customer support team is always at the clients’ disposal.

Furthermore, Data V Tech cooperates with e-invoice providers selected by the Hanoi Tax Department, such as Viettel, VNPT, and all parties using API, to provide the customers with the best experience.

Data V Tech is Epicor’s authorized and most experienced partner in Vietnam. We can localize Epicor ERP’s implementation within a fascinating duration and for competitive consulting costs. Beyond Epicor ERP’s available benefits, Data V Tech has developed various complementary add-ons on mobile to assist enterprises in every workplace corner. 

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