Data V Tech Automated Monitoring System

Data V Tech IoT AMS – Automated Monitoring EcoSystem

Advance Machine Monitoring System & Preventative Maintenance is the key to improve productivity, reduce losses and increase profits

In today’s economy, manufacturing industries across the world are more competitive now than ever.  Manufacturers need to get every advantage they can to keep up with the competition. If you are already the leader amongst your competition, then you must continually improve and adapt to change to be in the forefront.

Manufacturing companies now are thinking and moving along the same lines. For companies that are already practicing lean manufacturing techniques are turning to machine monitoring systems to help them with their production planning, resource scheduling and most importantly minimizing machine downtown.


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See real time machine status and production information on the shop floor

Data V Tech AMS collects real-time data to minimize production downtime and improve productivity


  • Built-in advanced M4K 32-Bit micro controllers with high-throughput Bus matrix with high speed concurrent access to I/O.Collect machine data with AMS MIU via input sensors including speed, temperatures, vibrations, and more.
  • Collect machine data with AMS MIU via input sensors including speed, temperatures, vibrations, and more..
  • Increase more Input/Outputs (max 48) via add-on expansion boards.
  • Monitor real time production data and machine status.
  • AMS monitors and feeds performance data of machines in realtime and 24/7 basis and via AMS Web Interface, data is captured and stored in online Portal
  • Access to AMS online personalised dashboard of performance of manufacturing plant anywhere, anytime, on any mobile or desk top device.
  • Collecting machine performance data via input sensors for each attribute including speed, temperatures, load and more
  • Measure Machine performance – providing real time date on machine utilisation, good parts produced, scrap and downtime
  • Real-time visual color-coded machine operational status
  • Real-time Job status at factory floor – WIP jobs, scheduled jobs pipeline
  • Real-time Dashboard for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


  • Enterprise Tracking shop floor efficiency with day, shift, machine, downtime, work center, job, part
  • Eliminate paper based Manufacturing Job Planning and scheduling
  • Eliminate Job Planning and Scheduling problems with “out of service” machine
  • Avoid costly repairs resulting from over-used or misused equipment
  • Improved visibility of all costs associated with equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul MRO downtime

Real-time insight for better production and business performance


Data V Tech AMS Advance Monitoring Software

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